As remote work becomes more widespread due to the spread of the new coronavirus, many companies are demanding that employees quit smoking even while working from home.

The aim is to maintain employee health and improve productivity.

Of these, Nomura Holdings, the largest securities company, has newly decided to require all employees of the group to quit smoking during working hours from next month.

This means that not only employees who are at work but also those who are working from home are targeted as remote work becomes widespread due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

With the aim of maintaining employee health and improving productivity, Executive Officer Toshiyasu Iiyama said, "Smoking has the same effect on health at home and at work. I would like you to concentrate on your work while you are working." I was talking.

Similar efforts are being made by major distributors Aeon, as well as food manufacturers Ajinomoto and Calbee.

Corporate management that emphasizes the health promotion of workers is called "health management," and is being promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. I am.