, August 30. According to the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation, recently, under the administrative guidance of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Hello, Green Orange, Meituan, Monster, Small Phone, Call, Street, and Search 8 A shared consumer brand operating company has actively rectified and achieved results. The price increase in the shared consumer sector has been effectively curbed, and the price tag has gradually become transparent and standardized.

  In recent years, the price of services in the shared consumption field represented by shared bicycles and shared power banks has been rising. Consumers’ perceptions are obvious, which has aroused widespread concern in the society.

On June 3 this year, the Price Supervision and Competition Bureau of the State Administration of Market Supervision, together with the Anti-Monopoly Bureau and the Network Supervision Department, held an administrative guidance meeting to request Hello, Green Orange, Meituan, Monsters, Small Phones, Calls, Street Phones, Search Phones, etc. 8 A shared consumer brand operating enterprise shall rectify within a time limit, clarify pricing rules, strictly enforce clear pricing, and standardize market price behavior and competitive behavior.

  The overall price of the shared power bank industry dropped slightly.

The six shared power bank brands participating in the rectification have a total of 4.26 million cabinets, accounting for about 80% of the market share.

Related companies have proposed a rectification plan: further improve pricing rules, communicate and negotiate with cooperative merchants, and lower the prices of some cabinets through direct price reductions or lower billing units.

Among them, the price of more than 80,000 cabinets of Street Power has been reduced, and the price of thousands of cabinets of Xiaodian, Soudian, Monster, and Meituan have been reduced.

At present, the average price of each brand is 2.2 to 3.3 yuan per hour, and cabinets with a price of 3 yuan or less per hour account for 69% to 96%. From the perspective of the highest price, none of them exceed 1%.

Relatively speaking, the price of cabinets in relatively closed areas such as popular tourist attractions or prosperous business districts is still higher than the average price.

23 of the 88 shared power bank merchants in the West Lake Scenic Area of ​​Hangzhou have reduced their prices. The highest price has dropped from 10 yuan/hour to 8 yuan/hour. At present, 25% of the hourly rate is 3 yuan and below, and 4-6 yuan per hour. 58%, 7-8 yuan per hour accounted for 17%.

  Implement the clearly marked price requirements and accurately mark the pricing standards.

In accordance with the requirements of the administrative instructions, the shared consumer brand management enterprises actively rectified the irregular behavior of clearly marked prices, and widely accepted social supervision.

Bike-sharing companies indicate the pricing rules and pricing standards of the current administrative area through mobile phone software, mini programs, and code-scanning riding pages, regulate member riding card discounts and promotions, and unblock the company’s service complaint channels.

Shared charging treasure companies separately mark prices through official website announcements, mobile client display, cabinet markings, and other methods.

Xiaodian and Monster publicize the free time, billing standard and capped price of all the cabinets on the official website and mobile terminal; the caller explains the method of obtaining the price on the official website; most brands can obtain the current cabinet and nearby cabinet prices by scanning the code. It is convenient for users to choose lower-priced power banks from the surrounding areas; some brands are promoted in an orderly manner by posting stickers indicating prices in prominent positions of the cabinets.

  The awareness of compliance in the industry has increased, and the order of competition has been gradually standardized.

The State Administration of Market Supervision reviewed the case of Soudian's acquisition of street electricity operators in accordance with the law, and conducted investigations into the failure to declare the acquisition of Mobike by Meituan.

Xiaodian, Jiedian, and Soudian have carried out self-examination and self-correction of propaganda, sales promotion and other behaviors, and corrected misleading or ambiguous language and pricing forms.

  In the next step, the market supervision department will further strengthen the supervision of the shared consumption field, require all companies to strictly adjust the internal compliance review process for price adjustments, truthfully and timely announce the pricing rules and pricing standards, and continue to give full play to the shared consumption industry in meeting consumer emergency Active role in demand, provision of inclusive public services, and promotion of the green economy; unblock 12315 complaints and reporting channels, respond to consumer demands in a timely manner, investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law, and effectively maintain the order of price competition in the shared consumption field, and guarantee The legitimate rights and interests of consumers.