The Nisshin Oillio Group, which has been raising the price of cooking oil three times since then, announced that it will raise the price further from November, saying that the prices of raw materials such as soybeans are rising further.

According to the announcement, from the delivery on November 1st, Nisshin Oillio will charge more than 30 yen per kilogram of cooking oil for household use, and 16.5 kilograms for commercial use used in restaurants, etc. We will raise the price by 500 yen or more.

Regarding the reason for the price increase, the company continues to increase imports of soybeans and rapeseed, which are the raw materials, and palm oil in China, where the economy is normalizing from the corona disaster, and in addition, due to the global decarbonization trend. Demand for biofuels is also expanding, and transaction prices are rising further.

The company has reviewed the price of cooking oil three times, and has already raised the price by more than 100 yen per kilogram.

With the fourth price increase in this year, the burden on the household will be further increased.