Six departments including the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation: Increasing targeted support for offline retail, accommodation and catering companies that are continuously affected by the epidemic

  News from China Central Broadcasting Network, Beijing, August 26 (Reporter Yang Liuqing) On the 26th, the Ministry of Commerce website issued a notice stating that six departments including the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank of China, the State Administration of Taxation, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and the Foreign Exchange Bureau will further increase offline Targeted support from enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the three types of entities) continuously affected by the epidemic, such as retail, accommodation and catering, and foreign trade and foreign trade, helps relevant industries and enterprises to effectively respond to the current epidemic situation and better serve to build a new development pattern.

  The notice proposes to strengthen inclusive financial services.

Combining the characteristics of the three types of entities, encourage financial institutions to continue to implement policies such as refinancing, rediscounting, inclusive small and micro enterprise loans, deferred repayment of principal and interest, and credit loans, and develop small, short-term, and multi-frequency policies that suit the characteristics of small and micro enterprises , Special financing products with fast loan and light guarantee.

Encourage financial institutions to cooperate with local financing guarantee institutions to further leverage the credit enhancement role of government financing guarantees, and innovate financial products suitable for businesses such as "first lenders".

Support qualified financial institutions to issue special financial bonds for small and micro enterprises.

  The notice also proposes to promote direct and quick enjoyment of tax reduction and fee reduction.

According to the characteristics of the three types of entities, comprehensive use of online and offline channels, extensive and timely publicity and interpretation of preferential tax policies.

Further consolidate and expand "non-contact" tax processing services, vigorously promote online and handheld tax processing, and provide convenient services for enterprises.

The local finance, taxation and treasury departments work closely together, and the finance departments strengthen overall planning to ensure that the refund funds are in place in a timely manner to ensure that enterprises applying for tax refunds can receive tax refunds in a timely manner in accordance with regulations.

  Meet the reasonable capital needs of enterprises.

Encourage financial institutions based on their own risk management and control capabilities to not blindly cherish loans, draw loans, stop loans, or suppress loans for the three types of entities that meet the requirements, and actively increase financing support through various methods such as extension and renewal to meet the continuous operation of enterprises Reasonable funding requirements.

For temporarily deferred principal and interest loans that meet the requirements, financial institutions should adhere to substantive risk judgments and not downgrade the loan classification due to the epidemic.