Renesas Electronics, a major semiconductor manufacturer, announced that it will end operations at the end of August at its factory in Shiga Prefecture, which was a manufacturing base for semiconductors for communication equipment, which was not expected to be profitable due to price competition with overseas manufacturers.

For employees, we will support reassignment and reemployment.

According to the announcement, Renesas Electronics announced last year that it would close its Shiga factory in Otsu City as it withdrew from the field called optical semiconductors used in communication equipment, but it will end operations at the end of August. To do.

Approximately 110 employees working at the factory will maintain employment by relocating to other businesses or other factories, and if they wish to retire early, they will provide support such as arranging reemployment.

In addition, the land of the factory will be transferred to a real estate company in Osaka City.

Renesas sold its factory in Kochi prefecture three years ago because of severe price competition with overseas manufacturers, and Yamaguchi prefecture, which produces semiconductors for industrial robots in July. We are proceeding with rationalization, such as deciding to close the factory in Kochi.

Demand for semiconductors is increasing worldwide, but the company wants to promote selection and concentration to strengthen the production of semiconductors that are expected to be in demand.