Regarding the spread of production cuts among domestic automobile manufacturers due to the global shortage of semiconductors and the influence of the new corona virus, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama said that it will affect small and medium-sized automobile-related companies including subcontractors. He expressed his intention to take all possible measures to control the problem.

Among domestic automobile manufacturers, in addition to the global shortage of semiconductors, due to the rapid expansion of the new coronavirus, local factories mainly in Asia are temporarily closed, resulting in a shortage of parts and production cuts. The movement is spreading.

Regarding this, Minister Kajiyama said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on the 27th, "With a sense of crisis, we will cooperate with the embassies and governments of each country to thoroughly collect information to improve the operation of local factories." I did.

On top of that, he said, "If the operation of the factory stops, it will affect subcontractors, etc. We would like to firmly respond to the financing and employment measures of small and medium-sized enterprises so that the impact will be minimized." He expressed his intention to take all possible measures to curb the impact on the entire automobile industry.

On the other hand, Minister Kajiyama said, "The government is united." I want to implement it steadily with a sense of speed. I will respond to all the compensation and reputation measures that I can think of, and implement those that improve the feasibility. "