[Explanation] Difficulties in registration, certification, and cancellation... the difficulties of these enterprises and the masses in handling business and entrepreneurship are expected to be resolved.

Recently, the "Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Market Entities" was promulgated. On August 25, the State Council Information Office held a regular policy briefing to explain in detail the benefits brought about by the introduction of the "Regulations."

  [Explanation] Statistics show that there are currently 145 million registered market entities in China, an increase of nearly 1.6 times compared with 2012.

At the same time, China's current market entity registration management system has gradually exposed the problems of incompatibility and incoordination with the development of market entities in the new era, and there is an urgent need to scrap the old and establish the new.

  [Concurrent] Xiong Maoping, Deputy Director of the State Administration for Market Regulation

  The "Regulations" are the first administrative regulations formulated and promulgated by my country to uniformly regulate the registration and management of various market entities. It optimizes and unifies the relevant systems for the registration and management of market entities in various separate laws and regulations. It is the registration and management of market entities in my country. Basic system.

  [Explanation] Regarding the access of market entities, the "Regulations" clarify that the registration management of market entities should follow the principles of compliance with laws and regulations, unified standards, openness, transparency, convenience and efficiency, and provide for the registration of entities, registration procedures, registration records, and registration specifications. All aspects of the content have been uniformly regulated to effectively improve the convenience of registration.

  [Concurrent] Yang Hongcan, Director of the Registration Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation

  The "Regulations" established the principle of "on the spot as the principle, with a time limit as the exception", clearly stipulating that the registration agency should conduct formal review of the application materials, and confirm that the registration application materials are complete and conform to the legal form. The decision to approve registration is made on the spot. If the materials are incomplete or do not conform to the statutory form, the applicant shall be notified at one time of the materials that need to be supplemented and corrected; for registration applications that do not conform to laws, administrative regulations, or may endanger national security or social public interests, they shall not be granted Confirm and make a decision not to register on the spot.

  [Explanation] Yang Hongcan pointed out that in terms of the withdrawal of market entities, the "Regulations" further improved the cancellation system of market entities, and resolved the “difficulty of cancellation” reflected by market entities to the greatest extent.

  [Concurrent] Yang Hongcan, Director of the Registration Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation

  The "Company Law" and other substantive laws of various market entities have clear provisions on the ordinary cancellation procedures. The "Regulations" actively do a good job in linking up with these substantive laws in terms of terms, and further optimize the cancellation registration process.

For market entities that do not need to be liquidated, such as individual industrial and commercial households, they can directly apply for cancellation registration with the registration authority; for companies, partnerships and other market entities that need to be liquidated, they should announce to the public the members of the liquidation team and the liquidation team in the national enterprise credit information publicity system. List of people and other information.

  [Explanation] The "Regulations" also set up a system for closing business of market entities for the first time, clarifying that market entities can independently decide to close business within a certain period of time due to business difficulties caused by natural disasters, accidents, disasters, public health incidents, and social security incidents.

  [Concurrent] Xu Xinjian, Director of the Laws and Regulations Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation

  This closure has two meanings. One must be autonomous, which he proposes to decide on closure. The second is that the maximum period of closure cannot exceed 3 years.

  [Explanation] The relevant person in charge stated that the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration will do a good job in the implementation of the closure system in the next step, so as to relieve the difficulties of market entities.

  Reporter Liu Chao reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Fang Jialiang]