Two stores using expired ingredients are exposed, the founder responds and apologizes

"Fat Brothers" pilot consumers choose crabs

  Fat brothers and two meat and crabs in two Beijing stores were exposed because of the use of expired ingredients, and they have been closed for rectification.

Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Linghan, the founder of the Fat Brothers and Crab Pot, bowed in tears and apologized to consumers.

He said that he will actively respond to the concerns of consumers, accelerate the transformation of the Sunshine Kitchen, and make the kitchen more transparent and visualized by adding monitoring equipment in the kitchen.

  The stores involved were closed for rectification and rectification of stores nationwide immediately

  According to reports, Fat Brothers and Crab Pot were founded in 2008 and currently have more than 400 stores across the country.

After the exposure of food safety issues this time, the company set up an investigation team as soon as possible to strengthen the education and training of store employees, and earnestly study operating specifications and related procedures.

  At the same time, more than 400 stores across the country conducted self-inspection at the first time, and strengthened training on procedures for all staff.

The company also requires all stores across the country to actively cooperate with the inspection work of the local relevant departments, and if problems are found, they will actively make rectifications.

  All stores across the country accelerate the transformation of Sunshine Kitchen

  In response to the problems currently exposed, what rectification measures does the company have?

Zhang Linghan responded that the company started rectification from multiple aspects.

Accelerate the transformation of the Sunshine Kitchen and increase monitoring equipment to make the kitchen more transparent and visualized, allowing customers to understand the production process more intuitively.

By adding monitoring equipment in the kitchen, the kitchen is made more transparent and visualized.

Real-time monitoring of content will have three purposes.

One is to install a display screen in the store to display to consumers, so that more customers can intuitively see the monitoring content, and feel more assured to eat; second, for consumers who like to order takeaways, the company adds real-time monitoring content to the store’s online platform business information , Customers can see the monitored content at a glance with their mobile phones.

In addition, actively cooperate with relevant regulatory authorities to connect real-time monitoring signals in the store to relevant regulatory platforms as soon as possible.

  At the same time, store employees improved the reward and punishment mechanism, increased the number of regional management staff through internal competition and external recruitment, enriched the supervision force, and improved the level of internal supervision.

At the same time, third-party supervision will be strengthened, including increasing the frequency of cooperation with third-party supervision companies, so as to find and solve problems in a more timely and effective manner.

  Will pilot consumers "choose" crabs

  After the problem was exposed, many consumers had concerns about the freshness of the brand's ingredients.

In response to this problem, Zhang Linghan introduced that the company had previously established a set of operating specifications for the disposal of ingredients that cannot be used up in each store that day.

On this basis, the process will be further refined. When the remaining processed ingredients are discarded every day after the end of business, all stores across the country must add videos and photos, upload the district manager, and record them in the "Kitchen Loss Registration Form" , So as to leave traces throughout the process and form a closed loop of supervision.

  In order to further reassure customers, in the future, in store operations, if customers ask for their own selection of crabs, the store will operate according to the customer's wishes, including asking customers whether they need to make a mark, etc., to ensure that the ingredients selected by the customer are finally served on the table. .

  It is reported that the meat and crab pot has been tried out the method of self-selected ingredients in Beijing stores. After a period of operation, it will be improved and optimized according to the actual needs and wishes of consumers, and the solution that makes customers most assured will be sought.

This move will also be replicated and promoted in other stores across the country.

  Zhang Linghan introduced that the company will actively respond to the concerns of consumers, expand the supervision channels through multiple channels, and find and solve problems in a timely manner.

For example, “mystery customers” will be randomly selected from consumers and let them experience the store in the form of a third-party supervisor, and they can directly communicate with the company if they find problems.

Text/Reporter Li Jia