China News Service, Xiamen, August 25 (Yang Fushan Qi Hui) The construction of Xiamen Xiang’an International Airport, which has attracted much attention from the outside world, has a good news on the 24th: as its important transportation facilities, the first large-scale overpass in the Xiamen New Airport area-Tian The Chang Interchange Overpass was completed and opened to traffic.

  This is a main urban road from Dadeng Bridge in Xiang’an District of Xiamen City to Xiaodeng Island. It was completed and opened to traffic, realizing the full intercommunication between the completed section of the Airport Express Road and Huandeng North Road, which will provide great opportunities for the construction of the new airport. Convenience, to help further speed up the construction of the new airport, which is under construction in full swing.

  Xiamen Xiang’an International Airport, located between Dadeng Island and Xiaodeng Island in Xiang’an District, Xiamen Island, is built by the sea and is positioned as a national regional hub airport and an important gateway airport. It is important for the country to implement high-quality development. An important aviation port supporting and supporting the "One Belt One Road" initiative.

As the main front of Xiamen's "extra-island development" and an important growth pole for high-quality development, the acceleration of the construction and development of Xiang'an District has made Xiamen's "extra-island development" further attract the attention of the outside world.

  In an interview with a reporter from, a relevant person in Xiang'an District said that another important project in the new airport area, the Xiang'an Airport Expressway Controlled Project, the Xiangdong Interchange Project, is also under construction and is expected to be completed in the middle of next month. All main parts of the high-speed mainline bridge.

  Xiamen Xiang’an Airport Expressway will be the main traffic artery for entering and leaving the new airport in the future. It will be constructed in three sections: the north section, the south section and the Dadeng Island section.

At present, the southern section has been handed over for acceptance, the Dadeng Island section is entering the final stage, and the construction of the northern section is racing against time.

  Xiamen Xiangtong Xingdeng Building Materials Co., Ltd. Finance Wu Yalan, who is responsible for providing concrete support for the airport highway section, told reporters that with the advancement of the airport highway section, the business volume of the company has increased a lot this month, and the demand for invoices has increased greatly. The application for the Yuan version of the special ticket is more troublesome, but we are in a hurry. Thanks to the efficient service of the tax department, I just submitted a million yuan value-added tax invoice application in the morning, and the tax department came to understand the business situation and ticket requirements in the afternoon. Like this service speed."

  In order to help the construction of the eastern new city of Xiamen and ensure that the project is completed on schedule, the tax officials of Xiang'an District visited the construction site to understand the progress of the project, carefully counseled relevant preferential policies to enterprises, and provided policy guarantees for enterprises to reduce taxes and fees.

  The Xiamen East Sports Convention and Exhibition New City area, which is under construction, is positioned as the new urban center of Xiamen. To promote the overall development of the area, Binhai East Avenue will be renovated in April 2020.

  The financial officer of China Railway First Bureau Group Xiamen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., who was responsible for the construction of section B of the project, calculated an account for reporters. In 2020, the company will deduct 12.64 million yuan (RMB, the same below) for research and development of the company, which can reduce corporate income tax 189 This year, there are more preferential policies with a larger caliber. It is estimated that 15 million yuan will be deducted for research and development throughout the year. The corporate income tax is expected to be reduced or exempted by 2.25 million yuan. The preferential policies have really helped the development of the company a lot and made it more dynamic."

  Benefiting from the promotion of the strategy of "big promotion inside the island, big development outside the island", in recent years, the economic and social development of Xiang'an District, the main battlefield for the development outside the island, has been changing with each passing day.

According to the latest official statistics, in the first half of this year, Xiang’an’s GDP grew by 15.4%, ranking second in Xiamen City. In the benchmarking of 11 indicators in Fujian Province, Xiang’an District had 10 items that passed provincial lines and 8 items. In the city line, the growth rate of many indicators ranks first in Xiamen.