To improve corporate productivity, a government study group pointed out that many Japanese managers are young men who have never changed jobs and lack diversity, and to realize an organization with diverse human resources. We have compiled a report stating that employment transformation is an urgent need.

The study group, which was established by the Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura and has young managers and experts as members, has been studying the ideal way of reforming the corporate organization to improve corporate productivity since December last year, and reported on it. I summarized.

Among them, Japanese managers point out that there are many unborn men who have never changed jobs and lack diversity such as gender and age, and in order to secure competitiveness in fierce global competition, He says that the ratio of managers with various experiences should be increased.

There is an urgent need to change Japanese-style practices such as new graduate recruitment, lifetime employment, and seniority, and to promote year-round recruitment, mid-career hiring, and employment reform to realize an organization with diverse human resources such as women, young people, and foreigners. I point out.

Regarding the report, Minister Nishimura said, "I expect that Japanese companies will revitalize by enabling diverse human resources to play an active role in large companies that play a central role in the Japanese economy, and I would like to create a movement for that purpose." is.