In a survey that indexes consumption trends based on credit card usage information, last month it was about 5% lower than the same month two years ago, before the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Nowcasting, a data analysis company, and JCB, a major credit card company, publish an index that looks at consumption trends while protecting privacy based on card usage information.

According to this, last month's index was 5.9% lower than the same month two years ago, before the spread of the new coronavirus.

Looking at the breakdown,

▽ "transportation" was minus 57.9%,

▽ "travel" was minus 39.2%, and

▽ "entertainment" such as movie theaters and amusement parks was minus 27.9%. increase.

On the other hand, “food and beverage retailers” including convenience stores, liquor stores, and food delivery increased significantly by 24.4%, which is thought to be affected by the increase in demand for nesting due to watching TV games at the Olympic Games.

In addition, while “eating out” fell to minus 23.4%, “coffee shops and cafes”, which are less affected by the suspension of alcoholic beverages, increased significantly to plus 47%.

According to the company surveyed, "Consumption in the retail industry was on a recovery trend until the end of July due to the effects of the four consecutive holidays before and after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and watching TV, but due to the expansion of the area covered by the state of emergency due to the rapid spread of infection, etc. The recovery of consumption may be delayed. "