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  With the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure, the transfer of rural labor force and the large-scale operation of land, my country's agricultural machinery market is ushering in the era of large-scale high-end intelligence.

However, what is worrying is that domestic agricultural machinery companies are large but not strong, the supply of large-scale high-end agricultural machinery products is insufficient, and the high-end market is monopolized by imported agricultural machinery.

At present, imported agricultural machinery accounts for more than 90% of the large agricultural machinery over 250 horsepower.

The domestic agricultural machinery industry must increase its scientific research efforts and, given time, firmly grasp the core technology in its own hands, in order to get rid of the "stuck neck" situation and enhance the competitiveness of domestic agricultural machinery.

  The rapid growth of the large agricultural machinery market

  In the agricultural machinery warehouse of Tuchengzi Village, Huanling Street, Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, there are tractors, harvesters, no-tillage machines, plant protection machines, deep-tipping plows and other large and small agricultural machinery warehouses neatly parked.

Liu Zhihe, chairman of the cooperative, told the Economic Daily reporter that in 2015 he returned to the village from Shenzhen to set up a cooperative, and spent more than 2.4 million yuan to purchase 13 large agricultural machinery and 45 sets of supporting agricultural machinery, and transfer more than 1,000 acres of land each year, with 2,500 trustees. The whole process of mechanized farming shall be carried out on the land of more than acres.

Large-scale agricultural machinery has high operating efficiency, which is conducive to reducing planting costs and improving the efficiency of planting grain.

  The reporter learned from interviews in various places that large-scale high-end tractors, harvesters, and green fodder harvesters are popular with grain farmers because of their high operating efficiency, and the market demand is strong.

According to data from the China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, a total of 211,300 tractors of various models were sold nationwide in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 4.71%.

The medium-sized tractors accounted for 75.96% of the large and medium-sized tractors market, but their share decreased slightly compared with the same period last year.

This means that the structural adjustment of large and medium drags has accelerated, and the trend of large-scale development has increased.

  "In recent years, the large tractor market has shown a rapid development trend." said Wang Huan, vice president of the Tractor Research Institute of Weichai Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The market has made great progress, from 65,000 units in 2018 to 100,000 units in 2020.

Tractors of 200 horsepower and above have grown rapidly from more than 10,000 units in 2018 to 37,000 units.

  The relevant person in charge of the China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association believes that the rapid growth of the large-scale agricultural machinery market is the result of a combination of many factors.

First, large-scale agricultural machinery has gradually expanded with the land transfer and trusteeship, which has become a direct driving force for the large-scale agricultural machinery market.

The second is the rapid development of new entities such as agricultural machinery service organizations, agricultural (agricultural machinery) cooperatives, and family farms. In order to improve operation efficiency and quality of operations, large-scale agricultural machinery has become their first choice, forcing the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry.

The third is that conservation tillage promotes the rapid growth of the market for large-scale farming equipment, and large-scale work equipment drives the rapid development of large-scale tractors.

The fourth is to promote users to choose to purchase large-scale machinery and equipment in accordance with the subsidy policy of horsepower section and feed amount subsidy.

  The main production area in the Northeast is the "China's Big Granary", which is also an arena for large-scale high-end agricultural machinery at home and abroad.

For a long time, the Northeast high-end agricultural machinery market has basically been monopolized by imported large-scale high-end agricultural machinery and equipment, and the Great Northern Wilderness has even been called a showcase for imported high-end agricultural machinery.

In recent years, driven by market demand and guided by agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policies, domestic large-scale agricultural machinery has achieved impressive results in R&D and manufacturing technology, quality, and appearance design. It has won a place in the large-scale high-end agricultural machinery market and changed the long-term import of agricultural machinery. Monopolize the high-end agricultural machinery market.

  Chen Guoyi, who is engaged in the wholesale of agricultural products in the miscellaneous grain market in Sanjingzi Town, Fuyu City, Jilin Province, told reporters that he contracted 240 hectares of land to grow peanuts and corn this year.

To this end, he spent 2 million yuan to purchase 10 large-scale agricultural machinery such as large-scale smart tractors, rotary tillers and balers.

  Since last year, my country’s grain prices have risen sharply, and farmers’ income from growing grain has further increased their enthusiasm for growing grain. The area of ​​grain planting has increased, and farmers’ confidence in investing in agricultural machinery has increased, laying a solid foundation for the growth of the agricultural machinery market.

  Domestic large agricultural machinery needs to be upgraded

  After the rapid growth of my country's agricultural machinery industry during the "10-year golden period" from 2004 to 2014, it has been in the high-quality development stage of stock restructuring since 2015.

With the improvement of my country's overall industrial level, user demand upgrades and technological progress, the level of research and development and manufacturing of domestic agricultural machinery has continued to improve.

  In recent years, reporters have seen at various agricultural machinery exhibitions that domestic large agricultural machinery has become more powerful, more fashionable in appearance, continuously improved product reliability, and gradually increased in high-end market share.

The 400-horsepower continuously variable tractor developed by YTO has put an end to my country’s history of importing tractors with 350-horsepower and above.

Weichai Lovol has broken through the core key technologies of tractors, such as power shift wet clutch technology, and solved the key "neck stuck" problem in the development of large-scale intelligent tractors. Many products have filled the gaps in similar domestic products.

  Modern Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the advantages of R&D resources of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Machinery to conduct research on the weak links of my country's agricultural machinery, and has made breakthroughs in the research and development of large-scale high-end agricultural machinery products such as large green fodder harvesters, cotton pickers and corn precision seeders.

  Compared with imported large agricultural machinery, the price advantage of domestic large agricultural machinery is outstanding. The price of a domestic cotton picker is half cheaper than imported cotton pickers. However, domestic large agricultural machinery still has obvious advantages with foreign brands in terms of design, materials, components, and technology. The gap is still at the middle and low end of the global value chain.

  Domestic large tractors have been widely criticized by users because of their high failure rate and low operating efficiency; large green fodder harvesters are difficult to enter large livestock farms due to low intelligence, low operating efficiency, and inability to intelligently control the operating process; strapping machines are due to knotter The "stuck neck" makes it difficult for many companies to compete with foreign brands...

  Facing the gap, domestic agricultural machinery manufacturing companies can only achieve the Phoenix Nirvana only by catching up and changing the status quo.

  Urgently need to break through key core technologies

  Agricultural diesel engine high-pressure common rail injection technology, power shift and continuously variable transmission technology, agricultural machinery equipment hydraulic system technology and other large agricultural machinery key technologies, core components and high-end agricultural machinery equipment mainly rely on imports, which have already threatened the safety of my country's agricultural industry.

Only by firmly grasping these core technologies in one's own hands can we get rid of the "stuck neck" situation, ensure national food security and promote agricultural modernization.

  Wang Yurong, general manager of Modern Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., believes that domestic large agricultural machinery needs to focus on many aspects to reach the level of imported agricultural machinery.

The first is to increase R&D investment, improve R&D capabilities, make major breakthroughs in the research of key core technologies, manufacturing processes, basic parts, and basic materials, make major breakthroughs in the construction of testing and testing equipment, and build a nationwide testing platform. , Improve the level of test verification and detection.

The second is to intensify efforts to transform agricultural machinery manufacturing technology and equipment, and improve the level of agricultural machinery manufacturing technology and equipment.

The third is to actively learn from foreign agricultural machinery manufacturing companies and strengthen research on foreign agricultural machinery technology.

  Wang Fengde, deputy secretary-general of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, believes that domestic large agricultural machinery must achieve breakthroughs in key core technologies and high-end agricultural machinery equipment. As an entry point, use market regulation and government guidance as a means to improve innovation mechanisms, promote collaborative innovation, comprehensively improve manufacturing capabilities and levels, narrow gaps, fill gaps, and replace imports.

It is necessary to do a good job in top-level design, set up a special organization, coordinate and promote the key core technology research work of my country's agricultural machinery equipment, and carry out multi-disciplinary and multi-industry concentrated research.

The establishment of a major special project for key core technology research on agricultural machinery, led by a number of domestic agricultural machinery equipment companies that have the foundation, conditions and motivation to carry out key core technology research, participate in the participation of universities and scientific research institutions, and jointly make key breakthroughs.

  In the medium and long term, my country's agricultural machinery industry is facing good development opportunities.

In the next 3 to 5 years, relying on the strong domestic demand market support, my country's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry will strengthen its advantages in the global supply system with a complete industrial chain, enhance global competitiveness, and drive "Made in China" to "Intelligent Manufacturing in China."

Our reporter Liu Hui

Our reporter Liu Hui