The faces of all beings after the New Deal in the Hangzhou property market——

  After many rounds of regulation, he became a "social security giant" without housing

  A group of young people in Taizhou, they come to Hangzhou for their real estate speculation plan

  Our reporter Xu Shujing Ren Sisi Jiang Minhua

  After the "August 5" New Deal on the property market was introduced, it can be said that several families are happy and some are worried.

There are young real estate speculators who have just settled in Hangzhou and found that they "woke up and lost their room tickets." There are also families who transferred to Hangzhou from Jinhua last year to work. Residents without houses who have worked in Hangzhou for 18 years have become the beneficiaries of the New Deal and are dubbed by friends as "social security giants."

  Qian Bao reporter interviewed a number of home buyers. Their stories reflect the faces of all beings after the New Deal in Hangzhou's property market.

  Did not buy a house after many times of property market regulation

  Now nicknamed "Social Security Giant" by friends

  In the past few days, A Yong has been ridiculed by friends as a "social security giant".

He has settled in Hangzhou for more than 20 years and has worked for 18 years. He has not yet bought a house. In the recent red market tide, he belongs to the "full score" of social security households without houses and can be shortlisted for any real estate he wants to sign up for.

  In 2003, Ayong stayed in Hangzhou after graduating from University and joined the TV station.

In that era, TV stations belonged to high-paying jobs, but A Yong, who had just entered the workplace at that time, focused on his work, and did not have the string of buying a house in his mind.

  Even after working for many years, A Yong did not put the purchase of a house on the agenda.

On the one hand, Ayong has always been in a single state of "one person has enough food for the whole family", and there is no urgent need to buy a house; on the other hand, Ayong is a person who pays attention to the quality of life. Although he does not buy a house, he can also rent a house. The refrigerator is filled with high-quality food, and the trendy electronic products are always updated at the first time. Compared with the income, the rent has no pressure on Ayong. For a long time, Ayong has been very comfortable with this kind of life. satisfy.

  For many people, the motivation to buy a house for the first time comes from the unbearable frequent renting and moving, and Ayong is no exception.

In 2015, after moving six times over the years, A Yong finally got the idea of ​​buying a house.

"At that time, two friends took me to see two new properties, but after I went to the on-site sales department, they were not very satisfied, so I didn't place an order. Unexpectedly, the house price in Hangzhou rose sharply the following year."

  After 2016, the Hangzhou property market continued to flourish, and A Yong also became anxious.

After Hangzhou implemented the house lottery policy in 2018, A Yong has participated in the lottery of many real estates in recent years. From Qianjiang Century City to Sandun North, and then to Chengbei New Town, Ayong has all gone to shake it, although he has no house. Hu, but he never won the lottery, and A Yong was helpless about this.

  The introduction of the New Deal on the property market this time seemed to give A Yong a shot in the heart.

"According to this policy, the social security advantage I have worked for many years is still very sufficient, and coupled with the fact that there are no houses, the lottery winning rate should increase." Ayong said, "The main lottery goals are Binjiang, Chengdong and Chengbei. With the probability that I won’t be hit for many years, I will focus on those powder plates."

  Settled in Hangzhou for less than 1 month

  Taizhou's "post-95" real estate speculation plan is in the dark

  "I just settled in Hangzhou last month. I didn't expect that when the New Deal came out, the "room ticket" that had just gotten flew away." Wang Kai (pseudonym) told the Qianbao reporter with some frustration.

  Wang Kai is a native of Taizhou, born in 1995, and currently works in Taizhou.

Speaking of why he wanted to settle in Hangzhou, Wang Kai bluntly said that it was to get a Hangzhou room ticket.

"In the past few years, many Taizhou people have come to Hangzhou to buy houses, and there are quite a few classmates and friends around me. A few months ago, a few friends and I decided to go to Hangzhou to buy a house together."

  Before the New Deal, if a foreigner like Wang Kai wanted to obtain a valuable Hangzhou room ticket, the most convenient way was to settle down.

Because the threshold for settlement in Hangzhou is not high, a college degree or above can be settled as long as one has signed a labor contract and paid social security for one month.

"I have a bachelor's degree and have relatives who set up companies in Hangzhou. Several of us signed contracts with relatives' companies, paid for one month's social security, and settled in July."

  In fact, as early as May and June, Wang Kai and his friends started to look at the house.

"Now the information on the Internet is very developed. Soon we locked a few properties in Ningwei. People in Taizhou like to buy a house in the south of Hangzhou, which is relatively close to Taizhou." Wang Kai said that they went there a weekend not long ago. Ning Wei turned around and waited for the real estate to open, planning to try his luck.

  "We buy houses mainly for investment, so the most important thing is the return on investment. Since we have spent so much effort to settle in Hangzhou, we will only consider new houses with upside down prices, and basically will not consider second-hand houses." Wang Kai said. He originally planned to be well, and in the next period of time, he will free up his energy to shake the number.

However, the new real estate deal released on August 5 completely disrupted his house purchase plan.

  What should I do next?

"According to the new policy, new residents like me need to pay social security for 24 consecutive months before they can get a'room ticket.' I plan to continue to pay social security in Hangzhou. As long as I insist on it for two years, I can buy a house in Hangzhou." Kay said.

  However, some people retreated.

Wang Kai told the Qianbao reporter that among the few friends who settled in Hangzhou with him, some planned to buy a house in Lin'an, where purchases are not restricted, and some plan to return to Taizhou to buy a house.

In short, the sudden New Deal caused this "real estate speculator group" to collapse in an instant.

  Transferred to Hangzhou to work for the child

  I was optimistic about the school district room but lost the "room ticket"

  In any property market regulation, there is no absolute fairness, only a greater degree of fairness, and accidental injuries are always inevitable.

  Lin Qing and her husband are both born in the 1980s. Before, the family settled in Jinhua and had a stable job, a good income in the local area, and both children.

In the second half of last year, Lin Qing had an opportunity to be transferred to Hangzhou to work. After considering her future career development and children's education, she decided to move to Hangzhou.

Later, Lin Qing's husband came to Hangzhou to work, and the children were taken over. The household registration was settled in October last year, and a family of four was preparing to start a new life in Hangzhou.

  After settled down, buying a house became the top priority.

In order to make up for the down payment of the Hangzhou house, Lin Qing sold two houses in Jinhua and planned to buy a large-area new house in Hangzhou to live by himself, and then buy a small-area school district house to study for his two children.

  However, the New Deal introduced in January this year disrupted her plan, and families who have settled for less than five years can only buy one house in Hangzhou.

Subsequently, Lin Qing participated in several new house lotteries, but failed to win the lottery. Considering that Dabao will go to elementary school next year, she decided to use this only place to buy a house to buy a house in a prestigious school district.

  In the past few months, Lin Qing’s family looked at a lot of second-hand school district houses, and finally selected a set of locations, area, and school district that were quite satisfied. The day before the New Deal, Lin Qing also asked the agent and the landlord to discuss whether the price could be cheaper. Some.

Unexpectedly, the introduction of the new policy requires families who have settled in Hangzhou for less than five years to pay for 24 consecutive months of social security in Hangzhou to be eligible to purchase a house.

In other words, she lost even her only qualification to buy a house, and she will not be able to buy a house until October 2022.

  What to do next, Lin Qing said: "Now I only hope that this regulation can stop second-hand housing prices from rising, and when the social security system can buy a house for two years next year, I don't have to spend a lot of wronged money."