The Sony Group's financial results from April to June reached record highs for both sales and main business profits, as sales of music distribution were strong due to so-called nesting demand.

As demand continues, we have revised our earnings outlook for the current fiscal year upward.

According to the financial results for the three months from April to June announced by the Sony Group on the 4th, sales increased by 15% from the same period of the previous year to 2,256.8 billion yen.

Operating income, which indicates the profits of our main business, increased by more than 26% to 280 billion yen, both of which were record highs for this period.

Sales of TVs, home video game consoles, and music distribution services were strong, capturing the so-called nesting demand that is increasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

In addition, sales of digital cameras, whose sales fell sharply due to self-restraint from going out during this period last year, are picking up.

In anticipation of this trend continuing, the Sony Group has revised its operating income forecast for the current fiscal year upward by 50 billion yen to 98 billion yen.

Hiroki Totoki said at an online press conference, "I'm worried about the impact of semiconductor shortages in the electronics field, but I'm strategically securing inventories and controlling them so that they don't hinder me."