Domestic products "conquer" the world from the century-old shop "doing nothing in business"

  The Olympic Games are in full swing, and the national table tennis is undoubtedly the most concerned.

Malone, 33 years old, is a well-deserved "veteran" in the Olympic Games.

From a childish "little meat" to a mature and stable core player, Malone has not gone smoothly on this road.

  A few days ago, Ma Long accidentally boarded the hot search, not because of his skills, but because of dark circles.

Under the hot search of 120 million reads on this Weibo, netizens have distressed the athletes who are training hard.

However, some netizens began to play stubbornly, persuading Ma Long to rub some Maying long eye cream to improve lower eye circulation.

  Speaking of "Ma Yinglong", like many Olympic national treasure athletes, it is also a well-deserved "light of domestic products".

Compared with Ma Long, the qualifications of "Ma Yinglong" are not as simple as "veterans".

This brand was founded in 1582 in Wanli of the Ming Dynasty.

In the eyes of the older generation, "Ma Yinglong" is synonymous with hemorrhoid cream.

In the minds of young people, the eye cream developed by Ma Yinglong "do not do business properly" is a good product to save "universe" dark circles.

  Not only has it been popular in China, the domestic product "Ma Yinglong" has also been successfully exported to the world and sold to the world.

On the Amazon shopping platform in the United States, thousands of foreigners' "tap water" five-star reviews have also made people witness to the strength of domestic products.

In addition to "Ma Yinglong", domestic brands that have achieved great success overseas include Laoganma, Nianci'an Chuanbei Loquat Cream, Liushen Flower Dew, and so on.

  Of course, foreigners are not the only ones who consume domestic products.

Whether it is mass consumer goods or high-end national fashion brands, domestic products have firmly grasped the hearts of consumers, and more and more people have become firm fans.

  40 years back in time, at the beginning of reform and opening up, the market was not yet this scene.

Back then, chasing imported goods and "foreign brands" was once the trend of the whole people.

In the 1980s, imported TV sets were "rare."

The Lunar New Year movie "Hello, Li Huanying" also restored the scene of panic buying TV sets.

At that time, whose family had a Hitachi brand imported TV set, whose children were the most beautiful boys on the street.

Since then, brands such as HP, GM, Toshiba, and Sharp have entered China one after another.

  Time entered the 1990s, and the Japanese Sony Walkman became popular on campus.

Later, from a Motorola manned to a loyal "fruit powder", Chinese consumers' enthusiasm for imported consumer products continued unabated.

This has also given birth to the overseas purchasing agent industry. Bags, cosmetics, shoes, and milk powder are the focus of purchasing agents.

Statistics show that the market size in 2016 exceeded 200 billion yuan.

  What year did the turning point occur?

I am afraid that there is no clear answer.

People just feel that it seems that the tide of the country has risen and hit surgingly overnight.

  In fact, the transformation is inseparable from the hard work and innovation of the domestic manufacturing industry.

Finance writer Wu Xiaobo once recalled in an article titled "Farewell, Price Butcher". When he was investigating Changhong Cai Power Plant more than 20 years ago, Ni Runfeng, the chairman of the world famous as a "price butcher," once said to him, " Under the premise of the same technical parameters, the price of Changhong color TV must be 30% lower than that of Japanese products. 30% is our life and death line."

Now, the "30% line of life and death" that lay in front of domestic products has long since disappeared.

Domestic products have embarked on a high-value-added, high-quality, "not cheap" marketing route.

  According to a "2020 China Consumer Goods Development Report", last year 80% of Chinese people's shopping carts were domestic products.

Open this shopping list, the rise of the "national tide" suddenly appeared.

With the "New Domestic Products" program, 134 domestic brands such as Liangpin Shop, Peacebird, and Huaxizi have annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan on a major e-commerce platform. 100 million yuan.

  In addition to daily consumer products such as pull back sneakers, white rabbit toffee, and old godmothers, domestically-made smart products with cutting-edge technology have also begun to conquer the world-Geely Changan and other Chinese car companies have risen rapidly; Huawei, Xiaomi, and VIVO mobile phones have quickly gone overseas.

It is said that in the world, one out of every two people is using a Chinese brand mobile phone; DJI shows its dominant strength in the field of drones...

  The quality and influence of new domestic products are rising at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Speaking with data, it shows how hard the "domestic products" are.

According to Gade's 2021 China-made brand influence rankings, China has become the world's top consumer brand TOP1, and the number on the list far exceeds that of the United States and Japan.

  Of course, in addition to the objective factors of "domestic products have become self-reliant", the iteration of new consumer groups is also an important subjective reason.

However, domestic brands win the trust of consumers, ultimately relying on strength, not blind national protectionism.

Choosing domestic products is not the "honey self-confidence" of domestic consumers, but an objective reflection of "Made in China".

  Going back to the beginning of the article, Speaking of success, Ma Long never considers himself a "dark horse", only the accumulation of long-term persistence.

Isn’t that the case for domestic products in the new era?

  Bai Jingjing Source: China Youth Daily