Life insurance company Sony Life has revealed that approximately 17 billion yen has been illegally remitted from a bank account in the name of an overseas subsidiary.

We have filed a criminal complaint with the Metropolitan Police Department and are proceeding with an internal investigation, but we have said that it will not affect insurance payments.

According to Sony Life's announcement, about 17 billion yen in Japanese yen was sent to the outside from a bank account in the name of a subsidiary in the Bermuda Islands of the Atlantic Ocean in late May without the approval of the subsidiary. is.

The day after the remittance, Sony Life filed a criminal accusation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for suspected crime, as it was found by checking the balance of the account.

In addition, we have set up a countermeasures headquarters within the company to investigate the history and causes of illegal remittances.

This overseas subsidiary was engaged in "reinsurance" business, in which the insurance company was the customer and took on the risk of insurance payments, but the dissolution had already been decided and the liquidation procedure was in progress.

Sony Life states that fraudulent remittances will not affect insurance payments, and "we deeply apologize for causing great concern to our customers and related parties."