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so-called 'vaccine insurance' is being sold, which states that vaccination covers side effects. If you just look at the insurance advertisement, it seems like it will compensate for all the side effects, but the financial authorities warned that it was an exaggerated advertisement.

This is reporter Im Tae-woo.

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is a free 'vaccine insurance' advertisement conducted by a famous fintech company.

Anyone under the age of 70 can join, and if side effects are recognized, up to 2 million won is guaranteed.

[Insurance promotion YouTuber: 2 million won for free insurance. Isn't it too good?] As a

type of marketing for fintech companies to increase customers, they partner with insurance companies to induce them to purchase vaccine insurance. Since March, nearly 200,000 cases have been sold.

However, contrary to the expectation that it will guarantee various side effects such as muscle pain and blood clots, these products guarantee only 'anaphylactic shock', a severe allergic reaction.

There is a 0.0006% chance of getting this shock after being vaccinated.

It's extremely rare, so it's just vaccine insurance.

Consumers sign up for free and feel free to sign up, but in fact, their personal information is provided to affiliate marketing.

[Financial Supervisory Service official: If you are not feeling well because you have been vaccinated, it is sold distorted as if covered by this insurance... .]

Financial authorities have advised insurance companies not to use false terms that confuse consumers, such as 'corona vaccine insurance' and 'vaccine side effect insurance' in advertisements.