China News Service, Nanning, August 2nd (Wu Kerongquankai) Information provided by China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on the 2nd showed that the new land-sea route in western China has realized normal connection with the China-Europe train, and it is expected to be sent every month in the future. The four new western land-sea corridor trains connect with the China-Europe trains.

  At 10 am on August 1, 50 containers of the X9574 train, loaded with 2,750 tons of microwave ovens, toys and other goods produced by Guangdong enterprises, departed from Guangxi Qinzhou Gangdong Station to Chengdu Chengxiang Station. After connecting with the China-Europe train, it will be sent again. Go to Mara in Poland and Duisburg in Germany to meet the daily consumption needs of local residents.

This is the first "Beibu Gulf Port-Chengdu-Poland, Germany" train from Guangxi.

Guangxi issued the first "Beibu Gulf Port-Chengdu-Poland, Germany" train.

Photo by Chen Lei

  Qinzhou, Guangxi and Duisburg, Germany are about 12,000 kilometers apart. This test train takes about 25 days. Compared with direct shipping from Guangdong to Europe, it saves about 20 to 25 days in transportation.

  The new western land-sea route is a trade route for western China to open up to the sea through the Beibu Gulf in Guangxi, allowing western China, which is deep in the hinterland, to connect with the world and usher in new hopes for opening up to the outside world.

The China-Europe Express trains that shuttle through the Eurasian continent will connect domestic and foreign cities along the route into a line, playing an important role in boosting the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

The connection of the new western land-sea route train and the China-Europe train will not only help the smooth operation of China's foreign trade industry chain and supply chain, effectively stimulate market vitality and enhance the endogenous driving force of development, but also is important for building a new development pattern and realizing a domestic and international dual cycle. Promoting role.

  According to statistics, this year's new western land-sea route and China-Europe trains have accumulated 1504 TEUs of goods.

  In order to ensure the smooth operation of this train, the Guangxi Railway Department has strengthened cooperation with Qinzhou Customs, Beibu Gulf International Combined Transport, and China Railway Union Guangxi Branch. Through priority planning, priority loading and unloading, priority transportation and other "three priority" measures, Tailor-made transportation plans, meanwhile, prepare enough empty cars in advance, use increased machine force and labor to realize fast delivery of vehicles, and ensure the fast delivery of trains.

  At present, Guangxi has normally opened the Beibu Gulf Port to Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Guiyang, Lanzhou and other western regions sea-rail combined transport trains, connecting 14 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China with more than 300 countries and regions including Singapore and Germany. There are more than 500 types of goods in multiple ports. The new western land-sea channel has become the main channel for organically connecting the "Belt and Road", the western region's cargo going to sea, and the fastest and most convenient channel connecting China and ASEAN under the RCEP framework. (Finish)