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friendly economic time. Today (2nd) will also be with reporter Kim Hye-min. Hello, reporter Kim. But these days, as more and more people order delivery and watch the Olympics at home, you say that the 'home-cooked' craze is spreading again?


Yes, I also spent the weekend with food delivery and the Olympics last weekend. Like me, there are probably many people who stay at home on the weekend.

The spread of COVID-19 is not slowing down, and as the hot weather continues, going out has also decreased.

So, the number of people who stay at home is on the rise again.

Restaurants are at odds.

In the past, it would have been a group gathering at a pub to cheer, but in Seoul, you can't gather more than three people after 6pm.

So now we can't see this kind of sight.

Shops that do not deliver are said to be empty at night, let alone an Olympic special.

There was a place that enjoyed the Olympic specialties, but it is said that the sales of delivery restaurants, marts, and convenience stores are on the rise.


Especially last weekend, there were a lot of games that people were interested in, such as volleyball, baseball, and soccer, right? And now, there must have been a lot of order delivery, but you said that it took a little while because there were not enough riders? Coming.


Yes, that's right. Last Saturday, there was a big match in the second round of the baseball group stage, the men's soccer quarterfinals, and the women's volleyball match between Korea and Japan.

At this time, as the number of people watching the Olympics at home increased significantly, in some areas of Seoul, delivery temporarily exploded.

Certain delivery app companies made such announcements that there was a shortage of riders, and in some areas, delivery took more than an hour.

Delivery costs, which are usually around 5,000 won, sometimes exceed 10,000 won during the Olympic Games.

The Olympics aren't over yet, and the heat wave and Corona 19 momentum are continuing, so orders for delivery food will continue to explode for the time being.


Yes, since it's the weekend again, there must have been a lot of people who wanted to have a drink like this, but alcoholic beverages can't be delivered, so I think sales at marts and convenience stores have also improved a lot.


Yes, that's right. Most alcoholic beverages cannot be bought online, and few have delivery.

So, convenience store beer sales increased significantly in July, last month.

Last month, a convenience store company's beer sales increased by 39% compared to June.

In particular, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the heyday of craft beer that collaborates with famous brands at convenience stores.

Craft beer sales soared 91%.

The number of people buying alcohol at large marts has also increased.

From that time to the end of July, alcohol sales at a hypermarket increased by 25% compared to the same period last year.

The biggest increase was liquor, which surged 70%, and beer and wine sold 23% more.


Yes, many small business owners are suffering a little because of the corona, but they say they are happy to hear that they have sold a lot, but there are other people who are suffering in the midst of this?


Yes, that's right. It's delivery riders, who are always working outdoors in this hot weather, but they say they can't even take a break due to the rush of deliveries.

During the hot peak hours, orders are inevitable, and if you take a break from delivery, you will be pushed back from the dispatch order, and some riders even got calls like why is the delivery app manager taking a break from work.

In addition to being driven by a murderous workload and heat-related illness, we have to listen to customer complaints when delivery is late.

The Riders' Union urged them to take measures such as installing small shelters from the heat or shade screens.

Customers ordering food, and when the weather is hot or delivery is rushing, it would be better if you wait for the riders with a more relaxed mind.