The "Consumer Attitude Index" in July, which shows consumers' willingness to shop, exceeded the previous month by 0.1 points, improving for the second consecutive month.

However, the rise in the index was modest, and it seems that the rapid spread of infection with the new coronavirus, including Tokyo, had an effect.

The Consumer Attitude Index shows consumer sentiment by asking 8,400 households nationwide about how they will live in the next six months and whether it will be time to buy automobiles and home appliances.

In a survey conducted from July 7th to 20th, the index for households with two or more people was 37.5, up 0.1 points from the previous month and improving for the second straight month.

However, the rise in the index was modest, and the Cabinet Office suspects that the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection, such as the fourth state of emergency being declared in Tokyo, may have had an impact.

The keynote judgment of consumer sentiment has been left unchanged from the previous judgment, saying, "Although it is still tough, the movement to pick up is continuing."

According to the Cabinet Office, "Future consumer confidence will depend on the progress of vaccination in addition to the spread of infection, so we need to keep an eye on it."