, Beijing, August 2 (Reporter Du Yan) Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation that Beijing Rail Transit has added support for digital RMB offline ticket/card purchases, recharges and recharges, as well as online purchases on the Yitongxing APP. Application in scenarios such as tickets.

This is an upgraded application after the Yitongxing APP supports digital renminbi gate payment on June 30, and realizes the full coverage of digital renminbi in rail transit gates and ticket purchase payment scenarios.

  The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission stated that for passengers who have downloaded the "Digital RMB APP", they can use it at manual ticket sales offices, automatic ticket vending machines, self-service ticket recharge machines, and Internet automatic ticket vending machines on 24 lines and 428 stations on the entire road network. Digital RMB handles ticket purchase/card, ticket replacement and recharge services.

  Among them, when purchasing tickets/cards at the station manual fare adjustment counters, automatic ticket vending machines, or handling fare adjustments and top-up services, passengers need to follow the prompts to turn on the “Scan QR Code” function of the “Digital RMB APP” and scan the two on the screen of the device. The payment can be made with the dimensional code, and the corresponding business will be completed after the deduction is successful.

When purchasing tickets at self-service recharge and recharge machines or Internet automatic ticket vending machines, or when replenishing or recharging, passengers need to follow the prompts to align the payment code of the "Digital RMB APP" with the QR code scanning area of ​​the device, scan the payment and deduct the money successfully After completing the corresponding business.

  Passengers who have activated ICBC's digital renminbi and "Yitongxing" sub-wallet push can use digital renminbi to purchase electronic single-journey tickets, electronic commuter tickets and electronic counter tickets online through the Yitongxing APP.

  The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission stated that this upgrade has realized the application of digital renminbi in multiple scenarios in rail transit, which can greatly enhance passengers' digital travel experience.