Sports tourism is on the road to standardization

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  The popularity of sports tourism in my country is on the rise, and the sports tourism market is gradually expanding.

Outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, marathon running, and hiking are popular sports tourism projects.

On the other hand, participating in outdoor sports tourism activities may have safety risks, and it is necessary to have safety knowledge and ensure safety.

  Nowadays, my country's sports tourism has a rare development opportunity.

In recent years, many domestic provinces and cities have issued opinions to develop the local sports tourism industry.

However, the current targeted policies in the sports tourism industry are relatively inadequate, and many formats lack perfect standards.

Professionals suggest that relevant departments should improve the standards of sports tourism projects, promote the standardization and standardization of sports tourism, improve the talent training system, and retain professional talents in risk prevention and control and technical guidance.

  The Olympic Games are in full swing, and sports fans all over the world are focusing on Tokyo.

Affected by the epidemic, most of the games in the Tokyo Olympics were held without spectators.

According to media reports, the Olympics is expected to lose more than RMB 5 billion in ticket revenue. Tokyo attractions are also scarce.

Looking back at the previous Olympic Games, the venue was almost full of tourists during the event.

  In our country, the popularity of sports tourism is also on the rise.

Industry data shows that the sports tourism market is gradually expanding.

The reporter learned that sports tourism can make tourists have a better sense of participation and is widely welcomed.

On the other hand, participation in sports tourism projects may have security risks, and security needs to be ensured.

Professionals suggest that relevant departments should improve the standards of sports tourism projects, promote the standardization and standardization of sports tourism, improve the talent training system, and retain professional talents in risk prevention and control and technical guidance.

Sports tourism heats up

  Hiking in the desert, exploring the rainforest, walking on the plateau, crossing no man’s land... Pudding is an outdoor sports leader with 7 years of outdoor sports leadership experience.

"Hiking and exploring can experience the fun of walking into nature and exercise." Pudding said, "This industry has become more and more popular in recent years."

  The reporter saw in the tourist routes released by many travel agencies that the "scenic spot + camping and rafting" is very popular. This kind of route is mainly short-distance travel, and the time is mostly 1 to 2 days.

"Volcano camping", "grassland trekking", "horse riding line" and other routes are particularly popular, and the recent quotas are basically saturated.

"There are many tourists participating in rafting projects in summer, and hiking routes to higher altitude scenic spots are also more popular. In order to ensure the safety of tourists and travel experience, we have a limit on the number of people on each route." A Jun, the leader of an outdoor sports organization in Beijing Tell reporters.

  The "China Sports Tourism Consumption Big Data Report (2021)" jointly released by the China Tourism Research Institute and Mafengwo mentioned that different regions have formed sports tourism with local characteristics according to the local natural environment. In the western region, relying on mountains and hills, desert rivers, etc., projects such as canyon crossing, mountain biking, and desert exploration have been developed.

  In recent years, the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have often jointly released sports tourism boutique routes during the Spring Festival and National Day holidays to promote the integrated development of the sports industry and the tourism industry to meet the people's growing demand for outdoor sports.

  Zhang Youyin, associate professor of the School of Sports Recreation and Tourism at Beijing Sport University, believes that sports tourism craze comes from market demand and market supply.

Tourists have shifted from "seeing the mountains and the water" to "touring the mountains and playing water". The scenic spot combines local natural conditions to carry out sports tourism projects, which can retain tourists and extend the tour time.

Security is required

  Sports tourism projects are mainly participatory, and mountain climbing, marathon running, cycling, hiking, etc. are the projects with extensive participation by the public.

"In traditional tourism, tourists are often bystanders, and sports tourism can turn tourists into protagonists." Pudding said.

  Being close to nature brings many special feelings to the pudding.

He once took a team of 120 people to the Kubuqi Desert for a 6-day field challenge.

"At the beginning, the excitement dominates, but at the back is the burst of self-energy, and the physical energy is exhausted to the limit, which can make people feel the wonder and power of nature. Every experience of leading the team makes me add a sense of awe to nature. "He says.

  Before entering the desert, the Pudding team will conduct theoretical and practical training for each participant.

Emergency self-rescue, medical common sense and other contents require that every participant must understand that before the formal experience starts, a practical simulation must be carried out on the outer edge of the desert.

In Pudding's view, a desert trip is not only the experience of the few days into the desert. Preliminary preparation and safety guarantees are a very important part of sports tourism. Only by participating in the whole process can you experience the fun of outdoor adventure.

  Among the team members that Pudding has taken, some participants are impulsive, hoping to experience a special tour route, but not many people really understand the relevant knowledge.

"Wear long-sleeved quick-drying clothes next to the body, keep warm clothes in the middle, and wear waterproof clothes on the outer layer. Even with this common sense, many people who first participate in outdoor adventures do not know it. Outdoor first aid and other majors that save lives at critical moments The degree of popularization of knowledge is even worse. Once an emergency occurs, it will be very dangerous if professional rescue is not available in time." Pudding said.

Improve standards and retain talent

  At the 6th Cultural, Sports and Tourism Integrated Development Summit Forum held in May this year, the relevant person in charge of the State Sports General Administration stated that my country’s economy has entered a new stage of high-quality development, and people have a new concept of health first. my country’s sports tourism welcomes A rare development opportunity.

  The reporter learned that in recent years, many provinces and cities in China have introduced policies to develop the local sports tourism industry.

For example, Shanxi issued relevant opinions this year to promote the integrated development of sports and tourism culture based on the advantages of the province's tourism and cultural resources.

Hainan issued the "Hainan National Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone Development Plan (2020-2025)" last year, clarifying that the Hainan National Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone will be established from 2023 to 2025.

  In Zhang Youyin's view, the current targeted policies for the sports tourism industry are relatively inadequate, and many businesses are "cutting the ball" without complete policies and standards.

At present, motorboats and parachute projects in some sea areas cannot be carried out "justifiably", and relevant standards for sports tourism projects such as trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, wild survival and bungee jumping are still lacking.

  "At present, there is a relatively lack of professional talents in sports tourism risk prevention and control, and technical guidance. At the same time, the lack of large-scale sports tourism enterprises can not provide relatively attractive positions, which restricts the development of talents in this area." Zhang Youyin said.

  Zhang Youyin suggested that relevant departments should issue sports tourism standards, especially the standards for individual sports tourism activities, and promote the standardization and standardization of sports tourism through the creation of sports tourism demonstration areas (provinces, cities, and counties) and sports tourism demonstration scenic spots. .

At the same time, improve the talent training system, encourage sports tourism enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and cultivate a group of star enterprises, so that talents can be retained.

  Gao Yazhang