China News Service, Beijing, July 31st (Liu Wenwen) The Macro Situation Forum (summer 2021) hosted by the Chongyang Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China (Chongyang), "Post-epidemic era my country's economic growth prospects" report release and seminar in Beijing Held.

Many experts and scholars are optimistic about China's economic growth prospects in the post-epidemic era, and believe that China's economy is expected to develop at a medium-to-high speed, and the future can be expected.

  On the same day, during the release of the report, Liao Qun, the author of the report, the chief economist of Chongyang National People's Congress, and the chief expert of the Global Governance Research Center, released the first phase of the report series "Achievable by the Mid-High Speed—Post Epidemic". my country’s Economic Growth Prospects in the Times" Chinese and English report.

  Liao Qun said that the just released economic data for the first half of 2021 show that China's economy has further recovered from the unprecedented new crown pneumonia epidemic in a century; looking forward to the second half of 2021, it is expected that the epidemic is coming to an end and the macroeconomic policy remains stable, flexible and precise. The annual GDP growth rate was 8.9% in a retaliatory manner.

It is estimated that China will over double GDP per capita in 2035, surpass the "middle income trap" within two years, become the world's largest economy within eight years, become the world's largest wealth entity within four years, and enter the ranks of developed economies within 12 years.

  In the keynote speech session, Poland’s former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Gezegoz W. Kolledek pointed out that China’s economic success is attributed to China’s political system. He believes that China’s political system has three major characteristics: First, it conforms to the world economy. The big trend.

Second, the unique party quality and quality.

Third, local governments and enterprises complement each other.

"The direction of China's economic development is toward a road of win-win cooperation."

  "Reform is the biggest engine. The engine of industry, the engine of innovation, as well as the enhancement of basic research and original capabilities are all the engines of the future." From a strong recovery to a return to normalization.

The decline of cyclical factors has made structural factors more prominent. More attention should be paid to institutional factors, and the construction of competition systems, property rights systems, and factor market reforms should be continuously improved.

  Wang Qing, President of Chongyang Investment, said that the global economy is recovering. It is expected that after the global rebound recovery in 2021, the pace of global recovery will return to stable in 2022. The pace of recovery of developing economies will be faster than that of developed economies. It is recommended that China adopt " The policy combination of lenient fiscal, stable currency, and tight credit.

  Statistics show that the US economy has grown by 2% in the past two years, while the Chinese economy has grown by 11.4%. In this regard, Luo Siyi, the former director of the London Department of Economics and Business Policy, said that the scale of Biden's stimulus bill and the speed of recovery of the US economy cannot be underestimated, but China has an institutional advantage that the US cannot match. (Finish)