Covid-19: Israel begins administering third dose of vaccine to over 60s

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A man receives his third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at a health center in Jerusalem on August 1, 2021. REUTERS - RONEN ZVULUN

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New vaccine campaign kicks off in Israel.

This involves giving a third dose of Pfizer vaccine to people aged 60 and over.

They were the first to be vaccinated last January and studies show that the effectiveness of the vaccine has dropped in this part of the population.



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With our correspondent in Jerusalem, 

Michel Paul

We are in Misgav Ladach, the dispensary of the Meuhedet health insurance fund in Jerusalem.

The vaccination center is full: elderly people, often accompanied, who come to receive the 

third dose of the vaccine


No worries, says Dorit the head nurse.


No one is afraid,

” she said.

 Everyone wants to come.

I think it's great that everyone wants the third dose of the vaccine. 


Liza, 78, is rather hesitant.

In any case it cannot hurt us, she affirms " 

I believe that it is very important and even if it does not help us.

It's dangerous not to do that because nobody's really sure, you know, 

”she said.

The doctor approaches the syringe in his hand.

 And there it is!

I didn't feel anything

 , ”says Liza.

There are almost a million and a half over 60 years in Israel.

According to a survey, only 67% intend to be vaccinated.

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