Mitsubishi Electric, which was found to be fraudulent in inspections of railroad air conditioners manufactured at a factory in Nagasaki Prefecture, has been suspended by a third-party organization for certification of the international standard for quality control held by the factory. I made it clear.

At Mitsubishi Electric, inspections of railroad air conditioners manufactured at a factory in Togitsu Town, Nagasaki Prefecture have revealed that fraud has been committed for over 30 years.

Regarding this fraud, the company has certified the international standard "ISO9001", which considers the quality control system of the Nagasaki factory to be in place, and the quality standard of railway-related products by a third-party organization in the United Kingdom. We announced that it was suspended on the 21st of this month.

According to the company, there are currently no contracts for which these certifications are a trading condition, but in the future, if a business partner requests certification, it may be affected such as being unable to participate in bidding. It means that there is.

In the future, the company will undergo an examination by this third-party organization regarding measures to prevent recurrence, and will aim to lift the suspension.

At Mitsubishi Electric, the top management has just changed on the 28th following a series of inspection frauds, and it seems that the issue will be whether to restore trust and reform the organizational culture.