You can borrow 100,000 even without a job. Beware of the "hidden corner" of online lending

  The 360 ​​IOU App was exposed to all major application stores, which once again aroused people's attention to Internet financial platforms and online "borrowing money".

Online lending is facing a "big wave", but the current advertising campaigns such as "low interest", "high amount", and "fast lending" of online lending are still common.

When some large-scale online financial platforms are gradually becoming mature and standardized, some small-scale lending institutions that "graft" the growth of other platforms still have "hidden corners."

("Beijing Evening News" July 28)

  Whenever you open a client, whether it is for social networking, travel, or takeaway, or video, online loan advertisements can always be seen.

Wherever there is traffic, there are online loan advertisements, which makes us unavoidable.

Moreover, the ads are done more fiercely one by one, just like a bunch of online lending agencies lining up to give you "free money".

Even if there is no house, no car, no life insurance, no provident fund, no job, you can easily get a loan of 100,000 yuan.

Reason tells us: the more "free money" is given to you, the more we must prevent big tricks.

  The first is the risk of personal information being collected and used in violation of laws and regulations.

On May 10 this year, the National Cyberspace Administration of China issued a notice that 84 apps illegally collected and used personal information, including 48 online lending apps.

Regardless of whether the user can successfully borrow money or not, if he wants to know the amount of borrowing he can apply for, he has to fill in a series of information, perform real-name authentication and face recognition.

In addition to basic personal information, including ID card photos, face recognition information, as well as occupation, marriage, address, family contact and other information, will be collected.

The user's surrender of many permissions and personal information is undoubtedly a huge personal information security risk, and it is extremely easy to be used maliciously or leaked illegally.

  In recent years, crimes of infringing on citizens' personal information have been at a high incidence, and are converging with crimes such as telecommunications network fraud, extortion, and kidnapping.

From June 2017 to June 2021, courts across the country received 10,059 new criminal cases of infringement of citizens' personal information, concluded 9,743 cases, and had 21,726 effective judgments. 3,803 defendants were sentenced to more than three years in prison, which is 17.50%.

Various types of lending institutions that bloom everywhere collect a lot of personal information and are likely to become hotbeds for such crimes.

  In addition to collecting and using personal information in violation of laws and regulations, some lending institutions are also suspected of forced buying and selling of high-yield loans.

According to reports, some users have reported that as long as they fill in the information, without the consumer’s consent, or even signing the relevant contract, the personal bank card will be forced to pay.

"1000 yuan arrived on June 16 and demanded repayment of 1200.20 yuan on June 18". In a few days, some people will say that they are overdue. They call every day to make the repayment. Ignore them and bombard them with text messages and explode the address book. ...... Such an online loan is actually a "routine loan". The money is easy to borrow, but the interest is hard to repay.

  In the past two years, many national departments have tightened their regulatory standards for various chaos involving online lending and introduced many targeted measures.

In the future, online lending institutions that use advertising bombing and other methods to mislead users' lending behavior will need to further strengthen governance.

Regarding the illegal acts of playing "routine loans" that entrap users to disrupt the market, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and crack down on the law.

With the power of the rule of law, we will strike out the "combined punch" of governance and knock out the "hidden corners" of illegal and irregularities in the online loan market.

  Source of Shu Shengxiang: China Youth Daily