The Bank of Japan has released the main views of this month's meeting, which has outlined a new funding strategy to help private financial institutions respond to climate change.

While the policymakers evaluated it as "appropriate," some pointed out that "it is important to carefully select the scope of coverage."

At the monetary policy meeting held until the 16th of this month, the Bank of Japan will outline a new financing measure to lend funds at zero interest rate to support investment and financing for climate change by private financial institutions such as banks. Was decided unanimously.

According to the "main opinions" of the meeting announced on the 28th, while the policymakers evaluated that "the mechanism is appropriate", the relationship with the BOJ's mission of price stability was "while paying close attention to the target." It is important to choose the range carefully. "

On top of that, there were a number of opinions calling for verification of the effects of new funding measures and research and research on the impact on the economy and prices.

In addition, at the meeting at this time, there was an opinion that it should be noted that employment improvement should be taken into consideration in light of the fourth state of emergency declared in Tokyo, and the price of raw materials such as crude oil has risen. It was also pointed out that it is necessary to pay close attention to the impact of employment on households.