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government said that house prices could fall a lot in the future and that you should be cautious about buying a house now.

However, they only issued such a warning, but did not come up with a solution to hold down house prices or to stabilize the jeonse market.

Reporter Hyung-woo Jeon reported.


[Hong Nam-ki/Deputy Prime Minister of Economy: I am sorry for showing uneasy again, mainly in the metropolitan area.]

Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki's discourse to the public, which started with an apology, caused the recent rise in house prices to be attributed to psychological factors and some market disturbances rather than government policy failure turned to

This year's housing supply will be maintained at the normal level, and after 2023, more than 500,000 homes will be built every year, repeating the existing position that the supply is sufficient.

During the foreign exchange crisis and the global financial crisis, apartment prices in Seoul fell by up to 18%, and 94% of real estate experts said that the current house price was overvalued.

[Hong Nam-ki / Deputy Prime Minister: If the price adjustment is made, I expect that it may appear a little larger than the market forecast.]

Deputy Prime Minister Hong's warning is the fifth in the last two months, and the market is on an upward trend. We are continuing.

[Lee Chang-mu / Professor of Urban Engineering, Hanyang University: Don't say things that make people feel anxious. I think it's really important to give people the confidence that the push for supply is being done quietly... .]

Additional measures to stabilize house prices, in particular, measures to resolve the jeonse market uneasiness after the introduction of the 3 rental lease law were completely absent.

[Kwon Dae-jung/Professor of Real Estate Department, Myongji University: If there is no immediate occupancy, the price of jeonse becomes unstable. If there is no supply, the sale price is bound to rise.

There are even pointed out that it is a discourse to the public that only calls for warnings about falling house prices and refraining from investing in real estate, and that it proves that there are no sharp measures to catch house prices.

(Video editing: Kim Seon-tak)