, Lanzhou, July 27 (Shi Jingjing) The Gansu Provincial Medical Security Bureau disclosed on the 27th that since December 2019, the state organized the expansion of the centralized drug procurement pilot program, the state has organized 5 batches of 218 drugs. Centralized procurement with quantity.

Among them, the results of 4 batches of 157 national centralized procurement of drugs have been implemented in Gansu. As of the end of June this year, Gansu’s centralized procurement of drugs has saved more than 1.3 billion yuan in relative costs, which has effectively reduced the burden of drugs for the public, promoted the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry, and promoted public healthcare. Institutional reforms will better ensure that people get medical treatment.

  On the 27th, the Information Office of the Gansu Provincial Government held a press conference on the "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Normalized and Institutionalized Development of Centralized and Volume Procurement of Drugs" (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Plan").

The meeting introduced the main content and characteristics of Gansu's centralized drug procurement work, as well as social concerns.

  "The most direct benefit of large-volume drug procurement is the sharp price drop." Ma Shiquan, a fourth-level investigator of the Medical Price and Bidding Purchasing Department of Gansu Provincial Medical Security Bureau, gave an example. 29 commonly used drugs for the treatment of diabetes and hypertension enter the collection. Pick.

For example, the commonly used hypoglycemic drug Acarbose (Bai Tang Ping) has dropped from RMB 2.06 per tablet before the collection to the current RMB 0.18 per tablet; the average price of metformin tablets has dropped from RMB 0.51 per tablet before the collection to the current price. 0.08 yuan.

  Ma Shiquan said that the price of gefitinib tablets for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer has dropped from 228 yuan per piece before the collection to the current 45 yuan per piece, and the one-month treatment cost has dropped from 6,840 yuan to 1,350 yuan.

Centralized procurement of medicines in quantities allows the public to use more suitable prices and high-quality and efficient medicines.

At the same time, through price cuts and substitution effects, the efficiency of the use of medical insurance funds has been improved, which has created conditions for expanding the scope of medical insurance, raising the level of public security, and promoting the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry.

  “The centralized procurement mechanism is a very powerful reform tool to control the false high prices of high-value medical consumables, and promotes the return of the prices of high-value consumables to a reasonable level.” said Xiao Bin, director of the Medical Price and Bidding Purchasing Division of the Gansu Provincial Medical Security Bureau. The coronary stent was implemented in Gansu, which saved 54.85 million yuan in relative cost.

The bureau also participated in the procurement of intra-provincial alliances for intraocular lens straps, which saved 15.42 million yuan in relative costs; participated in the procurement of coronary dilatation balloon straps for the "six provinces and two districts" alliance, and it is expected to save 79.59 million yuan in the first year.

  At present, Gansu has successively carried out five batches of centralized drug purchases. From the perspective of price level and clinical use effect, the burden of drug use by the people has been significantly reduced, and the availability and quality of medicine have been significantly improved. Xie Baocheng, member of the party group and deputy director of the Gansu Provincial Medical Security Bureau, said that the centralized procurement of drugs and medical consumables is an important measure to deepen the reform of the medical and health system. The coverage of centralized procurement of drugs will be continuously expanded, and the role of market mechanisms will be fully utilized. Widely mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties to participate in the reform, so that the centralized drug procurement system in Gansu "bears fruit. (Finish)