China News Service, Beijing, July 26 (Reporter Liu Yuying) The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced on the 26th that it has launched a six-month special rectification action for the Internet industry, focusing on four aspects and eight types of issues, involving 22 specific scenarios.

  According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on the basis of the preliminary APP special rectification, it will further sort out the hot and difficult issues of the Internet industry that have high social concern, wide influence, and strong public feedback. An orderly market environment promotes the standardized, healthy and high-quality development of the industry.

  The special rectification action focused on eight types of issues in four aspects, including disrupting market order, infringing on user rights, threatening data security, and violating resource and qualification management regulations, involving 22 specific scenarios.

  In terms of disrupting market order, focus on rectifying problems such as malicious blocking of website links and interference with the operation of other companies’ products or services, including scenarios such as restricting normal access to other website links without justifiable reasons and implementing discriminatory blocking measures.

  Regarding the infringement of user rights and interests, the focus is on rectifying issues such as application software launching pop-up windows that deceive and mislead users, and forcibly providing personalized services, including scenarios where the entire screen of the pop-up window is a redirect link, and a false close button is provided during directional push.

  In terms of threats to data security, the focus is on rectifying problems that companies fail to take necessary management and technical measures in data collection, transmission, storage, and external provision, including failure to encrypt sensitive information during data transmission and provide data to third parties Scenes such as the user's consent has not been obtained before.

  Regarding violations of resource and qualification management regulations, focus on rectifying problems such as "black broadband" and failure to perform website filing procedures, including scenarios such as subletting or using illegal network access resources, and failing to update filing information in a timely manner.