Chinanews, Beijing, July 26 (Reporter Du Yan) Beijing adheres to the promotion of service quality improvement actions as the main line, with the warm "Beijing Service" as the theme, in-depth development of "improving service quality to promote consumption, strengthening international consumption center city Construction" series of activities.

  Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce that Beijing organized the promotion and implementation of service quality management norms and evaluation methods for commercial retail enterprises, which further strengthened the awareness of the standards and standards of commercial retail enterprise employees in implementing service quality management.

Organize and carry out high-quality service brand cultivation and promotion activities, cultivate and promote high-quality service concepts and classic brand cases, and play a demonstrative and leading role in improving consumer quality.

Organize and carry out evaluation activities of commercial retail enterprises' service volume, evaluate the service quality of commercial retail enterprises in the city, and promote the intelligent, diversified and internationalized services of Beijing's retail industry.

Organize and carry out the 11th Beijing Commercial Service Industry Skills Competition to further enhance the service awareness, service skills and service level of front-line members of the commercial service industry, and create favorable conditions for promoting consumption.

  The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce stated that by launching a series of warm "Beijing Services" activities, the city's commercial service industry service quality standards and norms have been improved, the commercial service quality and the awareness of honest operation have been significantly improved, the service operation environment has been significantly improved, and the supply of high-end services has been improved. Rich and diversified high-quality service brands can better meet the diverse needs of consumers and make positive contributions to Beijing's cultivation and construction of an international consumption center city.

Dongcheng District Seizes the Opportunity to Build an International Consumer Center City Demonstration Zone

  On July 19, with the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it would take the lead in developing the cultivation and construction of international consumption centers in five cities including Beijing.

As a traditional commercial district, Dongcheng District is positioned closely around the functional core area of ​​the capital, drawing a blueprint for an international consumption center demonstration area.

  According to reports, Dongcheng District will focus on key areas and cultivate new landmarks for cultural consumption.

Guide the Wangfujing and Qianmen business districts based on their own characteristics, formulate the "14th Five-Year" plan and comprehensive implementation plan, accelerate the creation of a world-class neighborhood with unique humanistic charm in Wangfujing, and build a Chinese historical and cultural experience block in Qianmen that blends ancient and modern.

Promote the urban renewal of the Longfu Temple area, give play to the cultural linkage, crowd diversion and consumption synergy of the "Golden Triangle of Culture" of the Forbidden City-Wangfujing-Longfu Temple, and form a national cultural consumption landmark and trendy destination.

In the next 5 years, a virtual cultural industrial park "East of the Forbidden City" will be built to create an ecological circle of cultural, business and tourism integration "East of the Forbidden City".

  Dongcheng District will accelerate brand incubation and agglomeration, and strengthen the leading of fashion brand consumption.

Promote the listing and operation of 3 incubation bases in Hongqiao Market, Wangfujing No.19 Mansion, and Nanyang Sharing World, with 20 brands under incubation.

In the next five years, we will continue to promote the joint efforts of platform companies, professional incubators, and incubated brands to cultivate a group of enterprises and consumer brands with core competitiveness.

  Dongcheng District will promote digital + integrated applications to create more distinctive consumption scenarios.

Promote the construction of "digital performing arts district", create new performing arts scenes around Qianmen East District, Nanxincang and other areas, and support the creation of multi-format cultural consumption spaces with drama content as the core such as Meihousishi and 77 Cultural and Creative Park.

In the next 5 years, we will continue to build a digital ecosystem for the performing arts industry, and enhance the brand influence of "Daily Show".

  Dongcheng District will also create a first-class business environment and establish a "first benchmark" for service quality.

Accelerate the reform of the business environment and promote the iterative upgrade of the "Four Demonstration Projects" of Beijing Efficiency, Beijing Service, Beijing Standards, and Beijing Integrity.

Organize a business environment conference to polish up the service brand of Zijin.

Hold high-profile large-scale brand events such as the Wangfujing International Brand Festival to increase international influence.

Chaoyang District makes every effort to build the main carrying area of ​​an international consumption center city

  In the intensive start of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Chaoyang District has grasped the advantages of the "two districts" superimposed policy, driven by digital applications, guided by diversified integration, focused on brand clustering, supported by environmental optimization, and strived to build an international market. The main bearing area of ​​the consumer center city.

  As a commercial highland in Beijing, Chaoyang District combines the positioning of culture, internationalization, and large-scale greening to actively build a "1+5+8" system of measures, that is, to build an integrated consumption map, build five major international top business districts, and implement eight major areas Upgrade the project, make every effort to build an international fashion consumption center, a new consumer brand incubation base, a cross-border tax-free consumption center, and a digital consumer experience display platform, and build the main carrier area of ​​an international consumption center city.

  Chaoyang District is benchmarking against the top international landmark business districts, building new consumption clusters, and creating a consumption layout of "one axis, two belts and five areas" with diverse characteristics and convenient circulation.

Strengthen the "one core", that is, take CBD, Sanlitun and other areas as the main body, create an international urban business core area with the theme of high-end business and fashion frontier; accelerate the construction of "two belts", namely the international style belt and the ancient charm cultural belt, and the international style The belt starts from Sanlitun, runs along Liangma River-Bahe to "Second Sanlitun", connects the embassy districts, and covers the business districts of Blue Harbor and Indigo Port; the ancient rhyme cultural belt starts from Panjiayuan and goes eastward It extends to the theme park of Universal Studios Beijing, covering a series of cultural theme parks and various characteristic parks.

The "five districts" are the CBD district, the Greater Sanlitun district, the Blue Harbor district, the Olympic district, and the second Sanlitun district. They are centered on landmark commercial entities in each region, radiate to cover the surrounding areas, and gather consumption formats with different themes and characteristics. .

  At present, Chaoyang District has formed a multi-business district and multi-center consumption layout.

There are 3 outlet malls in the district, accounting for 50% of the city.

There are 419 Starbucks coffee shops in the city, 330 in the six districts of the city, of which 160 are in Chaoyang.

2 of the city’s first batch of 4 "Yejingcheng" landmarks are in Chaoyang District; 5 of the first batch of 9 "Yejingcheng Commercial Districts" are in Chaoyang District; 4 of the first batch of 10 "Late Night Canteen" special dining districts are in Chaoyang District. Chaoyang District.

  In the 2021 Beijing consumption season "Tide Chaoyang New Consumption" activities, Chaoyang District has successively launched "Tide Market", "Impression Wave", "Music Wave", "Live Wave", "E-sports Wave" and "Ice and Snow Wave" and other themed activities. Covering nine major areas including the Winter Olympics, National Tide, Shopping, Food & Beverage, Culture, Tourism, Leisure, Entertainment, Travel, etc., the Blue Bay Tide Club, Fashion National Tide, Glory Peak E-sports Tide, Live Skills Competition, Ice and Snow Covenant, etc. will be held. The rest of the consumption promotion activities will create a new economic consumption model with trend attributes, fashion attributes, and scene attributes, and realize a strong consumption atmosphere of online drainage and offline interaction.

  In the future, Chaoyang District will actively build the main bearing area of ​​the international consumer center city with the characteristics of the capital of a major country. The international reputation, urban prosperity, commercial prosperity, access convenience, consumer comfort, policy guidance, and consumer innovation capabilities will be significantly improved. , The cultivation ecology of the consumer industry is basically formed, providing a new model for the opening, innovation and upgrading of the national consumer market.