China News Service, Yunnan Zhenkang, July 24 (Zhang Qing, Li Zhentao) Yunnan Zhenqing Expressway Co., Ltd. news, at 12:00 on the 24th, Yunnan Zhenkang (Nansan) to Gengma (Qingshuihe) highway was completed and opened to traffic. The history of no expressway in Zhenkang County.

  Zhenqing Expressway is located in Gengma County and Zhenkang County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. It is an important part of the "five vertical, five horizontal, two rings and 20 links" in the long-term expressway network planning layout of Yunnan Province. The main line is full length 34.195 kilometers, the starting point is located in Hongyan Village, Nansan Town, Zhenkang County, and is connected to the Longzhenqiao to Zhenkang section of Ruili-Menglian Expressway. The starting point is the Hongyan connecting line and the provincial highway S231 under construction at Longnan Class 2 The road is connected via Nansan Industrial Park, Taozi Village, Yiwanshui, and Trigeminal Wood. The route is laid along the right bank of Nanpeng River and ends at Dawanjiang Village, Qingshuihe, Gengma County, with Nanpeng Interchange and Lincang Linxiang to Qingshuihe. The highway is connected.

  The Zhenqing Expressway, which was constructed by China Railway Third Bureau Group Co., Ltd., was constructed in accordance with the two-way four-lane expressway standard. The subgrade width is 25.5 meters and the design speed is 80 km/h. There are 33 bridges and 3 tunnels along the line. Towns are set along the line. Three interchanges in Kangxi (Hongyan), Baiyan, and Nanpeng; one each for tunnel management station, service area, parking area, and maintenance area; two toll stations in Hongyan and Baiyan.

  According to the introduction of Yunnan Zhenqing Expressway Co., Ltd., Zhenqing Expressway is an expressway connecting the two national ports of "Mengding Qingshui River in Yunnan" and "Yunnan Nansan". It also connects 8 prefectures and 24 cities in the border areas of Yunnan Province. An important part of the highway along the border of each county.

The project started construction in early 2018 in accordance with the construction model of cooperation between the government and social capital, and successfully passed the delivery and acceptance on June 24, 2021.

  Yunnan Zhenqing Expressway Co., Ltd. stated that the Zhenqing Expressway was completed and opened to traffic, realizing the interconnection of Nansan Town in Zhenkang County, Mengding Town in Gengma County, and Qingshuihe National Gate, and further solving the overall deviation of road grades in the border areas of Yunnan Province. Low levels and poor connections are of great significance for Yunnan to accelerate the construction of a radial center facing South Asia and Southeast Asia, promote the development of an open economic belt along the border, and further consolidate national defense security and maintain border stability.