Anyone who wants to understand the Alfons Schuhbeck phenomenon can find advice from Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt.

The legendary former team doctor of FC Bayern Munich just told the FAZ: "We were always out with a top chef, Alfons Schuhbeck." Of course.

With whom else. Where other sports clubs take a lunch box with them on their travels or just stop at Burger King on the autobahn, FC Bayern has its star chef with them.

Daniel Mohr

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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When we recently made a large piece of ginger at the FAS, the fashion spice par excellence, Schuhbeck was able to tell that he was already using ginger 30 years ago. For roast pork and today even with coffee. On Schubeck's advice, the FC Bayern players drink ginger every day. Wherever you look, Schuhbeck is already there. And was always there. Who does our travel department meet in the most distant Asia? Alfons Schubeck, who travels around the world after his spices. One might almost believe that he exists several times, remarked his colleague at the time, the TV chef, the Bavarian chef, the world traveler, the entrepreneur who shapes Munich's inner city with his empire.

Now the successful man and celebrity friend Alfons Schuhbeck had to file for bankruptcy at the Munich District Court.

“On my way from dishwasher to millionaire, I'm just as far away from the dishwasher as from the millionaire,” Schuhbeck once said.

“I'll do this for myself.

My passion depends on the spices. ”Anyone who thinks this is understatement doesn't know Schuhbeck.

What grabs him, what fascinates him, that's what he does.

This is also shown by a look at his spice shop in Munich.

Exquisite food from all over the world is offered there on three floors.

It is an “oriental-baroque shopping experience”, for the lavish design of which Schuhbeck hired artisans, painters and a trimmers.

When Schuhbeck does something, it must be a pleasure for the palate, the eye, the heart.

Schuhbeck himself never wanted to speak of an empire when it came to his business. “Just because I have such a pamper shop over there.” The internal accounting of his operations was never the decisive advisor either, the cook didn't look at profit first. The business economist wonders how expensive the spices have to be for something like this to pay off.

The task now is to save what can be saved. Of course, Schuhbeck thinks of the spices first. He expressly mentions this in his announcement this week, when he announced, noticeably suffering, to file for bankruptcy for his operations. "For the catering trade, the corona lockdown was the death knell," it says. There are no tourists in Munich. The city center is empty, says the cook. Schuhbeck feels abandoned by the state. The "full-bodied announced state aid" had "failed to date" with him. His lawyer Sascha König from the law firm König Gauweiler Sauter explains that smaller payments have been made. However, these were temporarily parked in a trust account until the claims were clarified, he said in an interview with the FAS