Today (24th), the highest temperature in Seoul rose to 37 degrees.

It's really hot, but there are still a lot of people who keep a steam room-like security room without air conditioning.

Correspondent Kim Jung-woo reported.


An apartment in Yeouido, Seoul in a heat wave close to 37 degrees Celsius.

An old fan is running in a narrow security room measuring just over 1.7 square meters.

Even if you open the window, there is no cool breeze, only the warm heat.

[Mr A/Apartment Security Guard: I have to go back and forth for recycling, but it's too hot to do it.

(The security office) There is not much difference in temperature between day and night.] The

situation is the same for apartments in Sinwol-dong, Seoul, which have been built for over 30 years.

It is difficult to even sit in the guard room in the sweltering heat, and it is even more difficult for senior guards to wear a mask.

[Mr. B/Apartment Security Guard: I can't get in here because I have a fever for 3 or 4 days.

What's the use of taking three fans and turning them on?

Clothes don't dry out.]

Shopping street security guards have a hard time feeling of relative deprivation.

Unlike the guard room, where the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it is cold in the air-conditioned shopping mall.

I get some fresh air from the shopping mall for a while, but it only makes me feel how unbearable the heat is.

[Mr. C / General mall security guard: (The mall) is cool when you enter. Just like staying here for two or three hours all the time. After about an hour, it goes in and out and the heat cools down a bit.]



places are installing air conditioners in apartment security rooms amid a movement to improve the treatment of security guards, but general shopping mall security rooms are still a blind spot.

Since the end of May, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has allowed air conditioners to be installed in security rooms of 30 square meters or less without any approval process, but in the case of shopping malls, reporting is still required.

As the sweltering heat continues for a while, additional measures are needed for security workers.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, VJ: Jung Min-goo)