On July 22, at the 2021 China Awards Program Awards Ceremony hosted by the financial magazine "The Asian Banker", the "China Guangfa Bank Big Data Intelligent Risk Control Platform Project" cooperating with Shield Technology and China Guangfa Bank won the "China "Annual Network Security and IT Risk Management Technology Implementation" Award.

This is also the second consecutive year that Tongdun has won the "Asian Banker" China Annual Risk Data and Analysis Technology Implementation Award for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020.

  "The Asian Banker" commented that the "Guangfa Bank Big Data Intelligent Risk Control Platform Project" cooperating with Shield Technology and China Guangfa Bank provides bank retail customers with intelligent, efficient and real-time risk decision-making such as credit approval, account opening, transaction risk management and control. , To further strengthen customer service capabilities, enhance business value, enhance the competitiveness of banks in financial services, and enhance their social responsibility and brand image.

The risk prevention and control provided by the system covers pre-client access, in-event risk detection, and post-event risk verification, and fully guards the security of client accounts.

  In fact, relying on its continuous accumulation in the field of financial technology and the accumulation of services for more than 400 banks, Tongdun Technology has assisted a number of leading banking institutions in the construction of intelligent risk control systems.

Tongdun's smart risk control middle-station solution helps banks establish a data-driven risk control system that covers the entire process, all businesses, and all channels through the application of digital asset precipitation, digital tool empowerment, digital operation support, and data governance. Improve real-time risk control decision-making and credit risk quantitative assessment capabilities; and comprehensively improve the information security management and technical protection capabilities of information technology software and hardware from the basic software and hardware of IT bottom to upper-level applications, forming a safe and controllable financial information technology system, and creating A new pattern of digital transformation integrating bank risk control, business, and management.

Chen Wen, partner, vice president, and president of the financial cloud business unit of Tongdun Technology

  At the 2021 China Future Finance Summit hosted by The Asian Banker on the same day, Chen Wen, partner, vice president, and president of the Financial Cloud Business Unit of Tongdun Technology, was invited as the invited guest. The topic of "management" was discussed in depth.

  In recent years, Tongdun Technology has been aiming at reducing customer risks, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and continuously derives solutions based on different scenarios.

"For example, in exploring inclusive finance and serving small, medium and micro enterprises, Tongdun has carried out many innovative practices. Thanks to the continuous development of digital technology, the data generated by the operations of small, medium and micro enterprises is becoming more abundant. Under the premise of meeting regulatory requirements, It can be obtained and used in a low-cost and more effective way, which solves the problem of information asymmetry to a certain extent and increases the ability to judge risks. This is also the direction that technology companies like us continue to stick to and work hard. At present, small, medium and micro financial services Relying on specific scenarios, it is often the starting point for positioning risk control, and realizing small amount, short-term and timely financial services without collateral. In practice, technology companies in this field are still promising." Chen Wen said.

  In the process of serving small and micro credit, Tongdun Technology uses artificial intelligence, knowledge federation and other technologies to perform secure calculations and integrate financial institution business scenarios to serve credit information acquisition, credit evaluation, risk prevention and control, etc., and restructure small and micro enterprises Credit service system to enhance the small, medium and micro financial service capabilities of financial institutions.

  In addition, as an independent third-party technology company, Tongdun Technology, in its cooperation with financial institutions, focuses on the entire business process of financial institutions, from business diagnosis, security consulting, platform construction, platform operation, and process reengineering. It not only provides banks with artificial intelligence, Cloud computing and other technologies and services help banks solve or strengthen capabilities in customer insight, data analysis and accumulation, IT construction, etc.; at the same time, help banks improve their digital transformation capabilities and risk control awareness, tailored to local conditions, and established by practice and precipitation Core competencies required for long-term development.

In the future, Tongdun stated that it will continue to play its role of enabling technology to meet the needs of financial institutions and help the industry's digital transformation and development.