Since Mercedes more or less handed over the reins of Smart to the Chinese giant Geely (and moved the factory to the Middle Kingdom), the small brand has questioned itself and is preparing a new development plan.

Judging by this relatively mysterious image, we understand that it will be a development from above.

Smart, now 100% electric, as we already knew, is in fact preparing to launch an SUV.

And not a Smartesque mini-SUV of the size of the Suzuki Ignis for example, which would have been very logical.

We are talking more about a vehicle more than 4 meters long, comparable to a Renault Captur or a Peugeot 2008. After Mini, whose cars are no longer mini at all, here are the Smart cars that are moving away from the original philosophy. of the brand.

But hey, we are no longer surprised at anything.

Note that this vehicle, since it is a member of the Geely family, will most likely use a Volvo technical base, as is already the case with Lynk & Co models.


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