[Explanation] On July 22, a China-Europe train (Yuxinou) loaded with electronic products, mechanical parts, daily necessities and other items slowly drove out of Chongqing Tuanjiecun Station and sent it to Duisburg, Germany.

So far, China-Europe Express has been running for five years after unifying its brand. Its ever-increasing demand for freight has closely linked China and Europe.

  The China-Europe train is known as the "steel camel fleet". It is a containerized international rail train that runs between China and European countries based on the Eurasian Continental Bridge and operates according to fixed train numbers, routes, schedules, and full operation time.

  On March 19, 2011, the first trip full of electronic products produced in Chongqing departed from Chongqing Tuanjiecun Central Station via the "Yuxinou" special train and arrived in Duisburg, Germany in 16 days. The successful operation of this train marked The full opening of the "Yuxin-Europe" international railway corridor also marks the official birth of the China-Europe Express train from Chongqing.

  On June 8, 2016, China Railway officially launched the unified brand of China-Europe Railway Express, building China-Europe Railway Express into an internationally renowned logistics brand with international competitiveness and credibility.

  The data shows that during 2016-2020, the China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xin-Europe) has opened nearly 6,000 flights with a cumulative value of 220 billion yuan, ranking first in the country.

The China-Europe Express (Yuxinou) has further optimized the transportation timeliness and enriched the organization of the supply. The frequency of operation has been increased from 5 shifts per week to 7 shifts per day. Thousands of products such as parts, high-end medical drugs and equipment, milk powder, daily necessities, etc., are complete in categories and diverse in supply.

  [Concurrent] Qi Dan, General Manager of Yuxinou Company

  The timeliness of this channel, it should be faster than sea freight, lower cost than air freight, and its transportation volume is between them.

It is an important supplement to sea and air transportation, and it should be said to be one of the three "legs".

  [Explanation] Chongqing, as one of the world's major notebook computer production bases, has attracted a number of brand notebook computer export manufacturing bases.

The notebook computers produced in Chongqing are mainly sold abroad, and Europe is the main sales area of ​​these computers, accounting for about half of the total.

The opening of the China-Europe Express train has provided these notebook computer companies with a safe, efficient, unobstructed, and low-cost international logistics channel.

  [Concurrent] Deng Gongjun, Senior Director of Global Logistics Management, Acer Co., Ltd.

  Acer Computer is able to participate in the operation of the China-Europe Express (Yuxin-Europe), greatly reducing the transportation time of laptops from Chongqing to Europe by nearly one-half. I am very grateful for the country's policies and hope to promote the common development of localities.

  [Explanation] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has severely impacted the international shipping market. The China-Europe Express trains have played an important role in stabilizing the international industrial chain supply chain and assisting international anti-epidemic cooperation by leveraging the unique advantages of international rail transport and vigorously undertaking the transfer of goods by sea and air.

Under the influence of the epidemic, the stable and efficient China-Europe Express Express has been favored by more customers, and its traffic volume has achieved contrarian growth.

  [Concurrent] Qi Dan, General Manager of Yuxinou Company

  Railway transportation is more stable, green and environmentally friendly, and less affected by the natural environment. Therefore, the comprehensive advantages of China-Europe Express train transportation are more obvious.

Especially during the epidemic period, shipping and air transportation are subject to certain restrictions, but the China-Europe Express, represented by Yuxinou, as an important strategic channel, effectively guarantees the efficient flow of goods.

  [Explanation] According to statistics, from January to June 2021, a total of 7,323 trains will be operated by China-Europe Express, a year-on-year increase of 43%.

At present, there are a total of 73 China-Europe express trains running across the country, reaching more than 160 cities in 22 European countries.

  Reporting from Chongqing by reporter Xiao Jiangchuan

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]