China News Service, Dalian, July 23. Title: Cutting-edge technology at the China Digital Fair: Digital technology "flying into the homes of ordinary people"

  China News Agency reporter Yang Yi

  What is your envisioned digital technology life like?

When going out shopping, it only takes 5 seconds. After scanning the QR code with digital RMB, a cup of coffee made by the robot is ready; when resting at home, the unmanned intelligent mobile platform cart delivers takeaway; when the elderly living alone at home, the robot can be used for the whole journey Accompanying and assisting up and down the stairs...

  From July 22nd to 25th, the 2021 China International Digital and Software Services Fair was held in Dalian, Liaoning. At a special exhibition of nearly 30,000 square meters, many cutting-edge digital technology achievements appeared on display.

How far is the digital renminbi from popularization?

  There are more than 1.32 million pilot scenarios, more than 20.87 million personal wallets, and more than 70.75 million cumulative transactions... This is the current domestic and global system to disclose the research and development of digital renminbi.

And behind these data, people are more concerned about how far is the digital renminbi from popularization?

  At this year's China Digital Fair, the People's Bank of China took the lead in organizing six major banks to conduct digital RMB business promotion and scene-based application demonstrations, attracting many visitors to the exhibition.

  In the digital renminbi exhibition area, by downloading and using the digital renminbi App or digital renminbi wallet for payment, it takes less than 5 seconds to buy hand-made coffee made by robots.

In addition, there are other consumption scene settings such as self-service vending machines and foreign currency exchanges, all of which are helping viewers experience the convenience and safety of digital renminbi.

  Sui Hong, deputy general manager of the Internet Finance Department of Agricultural Bank Dalian Branch, said that compared with other payment platforms, digital renminbi breaks the transaction barriers in retail scenarios and makes transactions more convenient; digital renminbi does not require service fees and supports dual offline transactions. It can reduce the cost of using funds, and at the same time, it will also facilitate the elderly and other people who are not accustomed to electronic payments.

  It is reported that in the future, each pilot bank will also carry out work such as entering enterprises, shopping malls, institutions, communities, campuses, and rural areas with digital RMB. People can continue to experience the convenience and convenience of digital payment in their daily lives. safety.

Unmanned intelligent mobile platform vehicles accelerate commercialization

  During the epidemic, with the blessing of artificial intelligence technology, drones and other delivery robots have become urban "retrogrades", and unmanned takeaway vehicles have also appeared on the streets of cities. The catering robots that are frequently trial-run have brought new ideas to practitioners. Thoughts and opportunities.

  At this year's China Digital Fair, the "omnidirectional all-wheel drive intelligent mobile platform" developed by the Dalian Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Dalian University of Technology team was unveiled.

The intelligent mobile platform can realize automatic robot navigation by accurately identifying the surrounding environment, and at the same time, it is equipped with modules such as multi-axis robotic arms and automatic cargo boxes according to the individual needs of customers.

  Changjiang He from the Dalian Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Dalian University of Technology, introduced to reporters that when equipped with a robotic arm, the intelligent mobile platform can realize workpiece grabbing in automated factories or fruit and vegetable picking and bagging in farmland.

When the platform truck is equipped with a cargo box, it can be transformed into a "takeaway", one-click automatic 3D navigation to deliver meals to the door, and can realize automatic patrol, security and other functions in dangerous environments.

  "Doing farm work in free time, and delivering food when you are busy." Jiang He said that a car can be replaced with different modules for operation according to task requirements, realizing a car with multiple uses, improving the efficiency of the platform, and realizing the operation process." "0 contact" to reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic.

Humanoid robots: the "fourth kind of people" in the age of aging

  At the Digital China booth, the exhibitor put forward this thinking: When we are old, must our children be the ones who take care of ourselves?

  At the current digital fair, a new type of humanoid robot named "Luban" is simulating a human ascending the steps. I saw it step by step with a light pace, and ten humanoid robots around it danced in front of the audience.

  "Maybe next time I see it in the home of a certain owner." Leju Shenzhen Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. CEO An Ziwei told reporters that the future development direction of this robot is to intervene in service scenarios, such as being used in nursing and escort for the elderly. And telemedicine communication, etc.

Especially in terms of accompaniment, for the elderly living alone, this robot can help the elderly up and down the stairs, and also play a role of companionship and supervision.

  An Ziwei said that with the continuous upgrading of product technology, when the robot reaches the height and ability of a human, it can take on more tasks.

He said, “The research and development of robots is a long process, and our goal is to let robots enter thousands of households.” (End)