, Beijing, July 23 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) The party has been founded for a century, the struggling people, and the advancing China, has never lacked positive energy.

  Whether it is Zhang Guimei, the head of Yunnan Lijiang Huaping Girls’ Senior High School who has done his best to light up the life dreams of the Dashan girls, or give up job opportunities in big cities and devote her life to poverty alleviation, Guangxi’s Baini Village Party Branch was the first Secretary Huang Wenxiu; or the young anti-epidemic commando team of Dalian Ocean University who exercises more than 20,000 steps on WeChat every day and delivers 12,219 meals to 5,109 teachers and students in the apartment...

  Once, we had tears in our eyes for the retrograde figures during the anti-epidemic period.

Recently, in Henan's flood fighting and disaster relief, we once again witnessed the unity of the Chinese people.

  We have seen that in times of crisis, the soldiers rushed to the front line of rescue and bravely carried the burden of life.

They use their arms to support the hope of life, and those feet that are soaked white by the rain are "medals" for fighting.

The red handprints on the battle book are their most solemn and solemn promises to the country and people!

  We see that when one side is in trouble, all sides support it.

"Hu spicy soup is here to hold on to the hot dry noodles", "Hu spicy soup is here to hold the salted duck", "The braised noodles are here to hold on to the fried noodles"...... Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shandong , Hubei and other places, fire rescue and water rescue professional teams rushed to Henan urgently.

  We have seen countless ordinary people come forward for love.

Citizens lined up in a row, soaking in the water, shouting slogans, and using ropes to pull the trapped people out one by one; the students worked together to transport sandbags to prevent flooding of school venues; a cinema in Zhengzhou opened a cinema room for thousands of people; a hotel in Zhengzhou Open the door all night to keep lights for the trapped citizens...

  In the face of the disaster, great love is fully manifested.

This heavy rain in Henan also touched us by countless netizens who spontaneously organized mutual assistance actions on the Internet to cheer and pray for the people of Henan, "No sleep tonight, with Henan compatriots, we must be safe!" "Henan is. China's Henan! In the wind and rain, we watch and help each other." "All people are one heart, united as one, and the children of the Central Plains will surely be able to overcome the flood."

  A sentence of positive energy corresponds to Mr. Gu Hongming's speech in "The Awakening Age": We Chinese have something unspeakable and unspeakable that no other nation has, and that is gentleness.

Gentleness is a power, a power of compassion and human wisdom.

  This is also the meaning carried by the annual "Five Hundreds" selection activity. The net gathers positive energy and builds concentric circles to demonstrate the unique charm of the Chinese people.

  Recently, China Positive Energy's 2021 "Five Hundreds" online boutique solicitation and selection exhibition once again came as scheduled, which triggered a strong response and set off a wave of declarations.

What positive energy stories have you encountered that make you cry, welcome to declare, and gather the powerful spiritual force for the "14th Five-Year Plan" and forge ahead in the cyberspace together.


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