China News Service, Beijing, July 21 (Reporter Chen Hang) The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that based on the needs of the main body of leisure agriculture business in the suburbs of Beijing, Beijing has established a team of 82 experts and 6 experts. Leisure agriculture expert guidance group, covering planning and design, agricultural technology, farming culture, science education, ecological environmental protection, marketing and promotion, facilities and equipment, policy research and other fields, related work was officially launched on July 20.

  The leisure agriculture expert guidance team will focus on the difficulties and key points in improving the quality and efficiency of the industry, focusing on "visiting the suburbs of Beijing, tasting Beijing products, and enjoying Beijing rhyme", and cracking down on the problems in the implementation of the "10 Million" leisure agriculture tour in Beijing Specific issues provide strong intellectual support for the upgrading, quality and efficiency of Beijing’s ten boutique routes, one hundred beautiful leisure villages, one thousand leisure agricultural parks, and ten thousand folklore receptions.

  At the same time, focus on guiding business entities to tap local resources, carry out thematic design, improve leisure quality, carry out multi-channel brand promotion, and use culture, technology, ecology, etc. to empower leisure agriculture.

  It is reported that at present, 39 experts have connected with 50 beautiful leisure villages, leisure agricultural parks and folklore reception households. They have grasped the basic situation of leisure agriculture development in various districts, and mastered outstanding problems and key points of improvement.

All experts will be divided into 6 groups to fully implement regional training projects in 13 agriculture-related areas, and give hands-on guidance to leisure agricultural business entities in the region. It is expected that more than 80 groups of cooperative relationships will be formed within a year.

  The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that the leisure agriculture expert guidance group system is an objective need for Beijing’s leisure agriculture to improve quality and efficiency; it is based on reality and serves the people, and is a specific action of "learning party history and doing practical things" and will make full use of it The intellectual resources of the Capital Cultural Center and the Science and Technology Center will explore experts to serve the revitalization of rural industries.