Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, July 22. On July 22, the three major indexes collectively opened higher.

The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.03% to 3,563.66 points, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.30% to 15,258.73 points, and the ChiNext Index rose 0.35% to 3,572.44 points. The salt lake lithium extraction, fuel ethanol, and mining services sectors led the two cities. Liquor The concept, three-child concept, hotel and catering sectors were among the top decliners.

  The ratio of all trading stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks was 1642:1784. The two stocks had a daily limit of 9 and a limit of 5.

  As of July 21, the margin of margin trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks was 1.82 trillion yuan.

The balance of financing on the day was 1.66 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.330 billion yuan from the previous trading day; the balance of securities lending that day was 157.686 billion yuan, an increase of 1.684 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

  In terms of individual stocks, the daily limit shares during the call auction period are as follows: Jiangte Electric (9.99%), Yonghe (9.99%), Rieter (10.01%), Xianheng International (9.99%), Xinbo (10.00%).

  The limit-down stocks are as follows: Dalian Sun Asia (-5.00%), Tianxiang Tui (-19.74%), Zhongtian Technology (-10.00%).

  Wanlian Securities stated that from the summary of the disclosure of the performance forecasts of listed companies as of noon on July 19. Coal and other upstream cyclical industries have led the performance growth rate. Machinery, light industry, building materials, transportation and other sectors benefited from the global economic recovery and last year’s low base effect performance growth rate. Electrical equipment, electronics, national defense and military industry, food and beverage, etc. The performance release of the track industry is in line with high market expectations.

Combined with the second-quarter macroeconomic data released last week, it is expected that the main line of the market in the near future will still be guided by the interim results and favorable policies.

  In terms of industry configuration, we can pay attention to: 1) The semiconductor, panel, new energy, and new energy vehicles in the technology growth sector with the industry's boom; 2) The non-ferrous metals, chemical, steel, etc. interim reports exceed expectations in the pro-cyclical upstream raw material sector; 3 ) Favorable policies on carbon neutrality, big data and the science and technology innovation board themes.

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