China News Service, July 22. According to the website of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance issued an emergency relief subsidy of 100 million yuan on July 21 to support Henan Province in flood prevention and relief work.

  Among them: the central natural disaster relief fund of 60 million yuan is used to support emergency rescue and relief work in disaster areas; the central government’s agricultural production and water conservancy disaster relief fund of 40 million yuan is used to support post-disaster agricultural production recovery and flood water conservancy. Works such as repairing engineering facilities.

July 21, Henan, Zhengzhou, the second day of heavy rain.

The picture shows the streets of Zhengzhou after the flood subsided.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Guigang

  The Ministry of Finance requires Henan Province to give top priority to ensuring the safety of people’s lives and properties, minimize casualties and property losses, and manage and use the central government subsidy funds in accordance with relevant fund management regulations to improve the efficiency of fund use.

Screenshot of the Ministry of Finance website