China News Service, Xi'an, July 21st, title: China-Europe Express (Xi'an) assembly center construction "speed up" and unblock the "Belt and Road" trade channel

  China News Agency reporter Alina

  “After the supplier’s goods are assembled in Xi’an, take the China-Europe Express Chang’an. It is estimated that they will arrive at our overseas warehouse in Kazakhstan in about 7 days.” Yuan Zhaohui, president of Shaanxi Silk Road City Holding Group Co., Ltd., told reporters. The construction of the column (Xi'an) assembly center has benefited a lot from enterprises.

  Shaanxi, which is located in the inland, is accelerating the development of the China-Europe Railway Express Chang'an. The radiation and influence of the China-Europe Railway Express (Xi’an) assembly center continues to increase, and a channel to Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia is initially formed, and the inland areas are highly efficient and cost-effective. Low-cost international trade channel with excellent service.

  At present, the China-Europe Express Chang'an has steadily opened and operated 15 trunk lines, covering the entire Eurasian continent.

Constructing a “+Western Europe” assembly system through the “integration of stems and branches”, radiating the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other major sources of goods, and attracting transit goods such as Japan and South Korea to open up third-party international markets.

Nowadays, goods from the countries along the “Belt and Road” and 29 provinces in China are distributed and distributed in Xi'an Port.

  “Xi’an’s east-central distribution and west-open location advantages, and the opening of the China-Europe Express Chang’an, have allowed the company to accelerate its growth in Xi’an, a hot spot for entrepreneurship.” Yuan Chaohui said that now the company is building overseas warehouses in countries along the “Belt and Road” Self-built logistics system and social e-commerce platform, and develop cross-border e-commerce business for Central Asia and Russia. The prospects are promising.

  Liu Yingjun, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, stated that the China-Europe Express Chang'an has continued to grow and expand, and has completed the transformation of its role from "catch-up" and "follow-runner" to "leader".

Shaanxi comprehensively expands the international transportation channels between Asia and Europe, and strives to improve its international logistics and international trade service capabilities.

  According to statistics, since the opening of the China-Europe Express Chang'an on November 28, 2013, as of July 18, 2021, a total of 9712 lines have been opened, of which 2,138 lines have been opened in 2021, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. The core indicators such as the rate of production rank first in the country.

  The hub effect of the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) assembly center has become increasingly obvious. It has gradually realized the transition from "point-to-point" to "hub-to-hub", forming a three-dimensional logistics channel of rail-sea combined transportation and air-rail combined transportation. The "business + industry" model has led to rapid industry gathering.

  Miao Ji, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xi’an International Port District, introduced that by accelerating the construction of the China-Europe Express Chang’an cross-border e-commerce national assembly center, and taking the port industry, e-commerce, business services and other industries as the leading industry, Maersk and COSCO have gathered. Leading enterprises in the sea and other industries have entered the zone for development. In terms of undertaking the transfer of industries from the southeast coast, they have introduced consumer electronics and upstream and downstream companies such as Konka Intelligent Technology Industrial Cluster and Huixin Future Information.

There are more than 2,200 registered e-commerce companies in the Xi'an International Port Area, gradually forming a modern industrial cluster and a commercial logistics hub for the "Belt and Road".

  "The China-Europe Railway Express Chang'an has given Aiju Group a fast track in the procurement of raw materials." said Liu Dongmeng, deputy general manager of Xi'an Aiju Grain and Oil Industry Group. Relying on the China-Europe Railway Changan Express, Aiju Group has formed North Kazakhstan agricultural products. The logistics processing park is the "overseas frontier production hub", the Xinjiang Alashankou agricultural product logistics processing park is the "domestic transfer and distribution hub", and the Xi'an International Port District Agricultural Product Logistics Processing Park is the "domestic distribution hub" system. Grain import and export land routes are gradually established aisle.

  On June 25 this year, the China-Europe Express Chang'an Digital Finance Integrated Service Platform went online for trial operation. By solving the problems of corporate financing difficulties, low financing efficiency, and long financing cycles, the China-Europe Express Chang'an has improved its digitization, informatization, technology, and The level of financialization will provide more financial support for the high-quality development of the China-Europe Railway Express Chang’an and the construction of the China-Europe Railway Express (Xi’an) assembly center.

Since the platform was launched, it has provided financing services to 29 companies with a cumulative amount of approximately 225 million yuan.