Chinanews client, Beijing, July 23 (Reporter Zhang Xu) Henan was hit by a rare torrential rain. After the disaster, some local vehicles suffered severe flooding, some were half submerged, and some submerged their car roofs.

  A reporter from noted that of the 76 property insurance companies announced by the Insurance Association of China, 16 have announced the number of reported cases. As of press time, the total number of cases has reached 84,000, of which about 80,000 auto insurance reports are expected. The loss exceeded 1 billion yuan.

  The car was flooded by heavy rain, does the insurance pay for it?

If a claim is made, how should the claim be settled?

What should I pay attention to when applying for claims?

On July 21, heavy rain caused serious water accumulation in Zhengzhou City.

Photo by Wang Zhongju, published by China News Agency. Image source: CNSPHOTO

Does the insurance cover if the vehicle is soaked in water?

  There is a point to note: September 19, 2020.

  The "Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of the Comprehensive Reform of Auto Insurance" officially implemented on September 19, 2020 clearly stated that "the industry is guided to increase the vehicle damage insurance main insurance clauses of motor vehicle demonstration products on the basis of existing insurance liabilities, and to increase the number of motor vehicles. Theft, broken glass alone, spontaneous combustion, engine wading, no deductible, and inability to find a third-party special insurance liability."

  Therefore, if the car insurance policy was purchased after September 19, 2020, the wading insurance has been included and there is no need to purchase it separately; for the previous policy, the car owner needs to confirm whether the wading insurance has been purchased, otherwise the insurance claim will not be insured.

On July 21, heavy rain caused serious water accumulation in Zhengzhou City.

Photo by Wang Zhongju, published by China News Agency. Image source: CNSPHOTO

Do not re-ignite a vehicle soaked in water

  Wang Guojun, a professor at the School of Insurance of the University of International Business and Economics, said that vehicles can be dipped into two situations: dipped in driving and dipped in a static state.

  "If you get soaked while driving, once the engine is turned off, leave the vehicle quickly and do not start the engine, otherwise it will cause engine damage. If you get soaked in a stationary state when parking, you should call the insurance company's report number in time, before the insurance company's claims adjuster arrives. , Don’t start the vehicle privately, the insurance company will tow the vehicle to the repair point according to the situation.”

  Wang Guojun told a reporter from “If a vehicle floats off the ground in the water and hits other vehicles or objects, causing damage to the vehicle and other people’s vehicles and property, you must make a clear statement with the insurance company’s claims adjuster when reporting the case to the insurance company. According to the recommendation of the insurance company, the traffic police shall be approached to determine the responsibility, and the traffic police shall issue a responsibility confirmation letter, and the insurance company shall determine the damages."

  Automotive industry analyst Zhang Xiang also emphasized: If the vehicle is flooded, do not re-ignite it. Once it is found that the damage is caused by the re-ignition, it is not covered by the insurance company.

Pay attention to the differences between electric vehicles and fuel vehicles

  Wang Guojun pointed out that the engine of a fuel vehicle is the most expensive part of the vehicle. If the engine is turned off when it is soaked in water, it will not be damaged, and the insurance company will suffer a lot less loss.

The losses of other parts and electrical circuits are roughly the same as those of electric vehicles.

  "Batteries of electric vehicles account for a relatively high proportion of the car price, so once the battery is damaged, the loss will be greater. In order to protect the safety of the insured and the safety of the car, even if the insurance company loses a lot, it should be replaced. Pay for it."

On July 20, on Jingsan Road and Agricultural Road in Zhengzhou, citizens helped each other walk in the waist-deep stagnant water.

Image source: Visual China

Insurance companies start emergency plans, and auto insurance cases are free from accidents

  On July 22, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice on Supporting Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief and Strengthening Financial Services."

The notice requires that insurance institutions should, in accordance with the principle of "special cases, special cases, urgent cases and urgent cases", centrally deploy survey personnel and rescue equipment, establish a green channel for claims settlement services, simplify the claims settlement process, and improve the efficiency of claims settlement, so as to make compensation as soon as possible and pay early. Pay quickly.

  “Especially for people injured by disasters, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of claims settlement by reducing hospital grade restrictions, direct compensation, and one-stop settlement. For those who are temporarily affected by flood conditions and it is difficult to investigate and determine the damage, the compensation can be prepaid in accordance with the actual situation.”

  A reporter from noticed that insurance companies have also announced the launch of emergency plans for heavy rain disasters in Henan.

For example, there is no need to provide certificates of maintenance contracts, invoices, etc., original financial account books, etc., for reduction and exemption documents, accident-free certificates for auto insurance cases, and property insurance cases below 50,000 yuan.

  Of the 76 property insurance companies of the China Insurance Association, 16 announced the number of reported cases.

As of press time, the total number of cases has reached 84,000, of which about 80,000 were reported by auto insurance, with an estimated loss of more than 1 billion yuan.

Vehicles damaged by heavy rain on the streets of Zhengzhou.

Photo by Liu Peng

  Many car companies have also responded, reminding car owners that if they find their vehicles are in water, they must first ensure their own safety. Do not rescue vehicles in flooding and start again, and contact franchised stores or insurance companies for assistance as soon as possible.

  Insiders reminded: In case of heavy rain, the car should be placed in a relatively safe place on a relatively high terrain, and try not to park in the underground garage to prevent backflow and other problems.