Chinanews, July 22nd, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs held a regular press conference on the 22nd.

The data disclosed at the meeting showed that as of the end of June, all provinces had started the 2021 basic pension insurance fund entrusted investment work, the entrusted fund scale was 1.25 trillion yuan, and the amount received was 1.09 trillion yuan.

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  Regarding the main progress of human resources and social security work in the second quarter of 2021 and the next work arrangement, it was revealed at the meeting that in terms of social security, as of the end of June, the number of people participating in basic pension, unemployment, and work injury insurance was 1.014 billion and 2.22 respectively. 100 million people, 274 million people.

The total income of the three social insurance funds is 3.23 trillion yuan, the total expenditure is 3.02 trillion yuan, and the accumulated balance is 6.52 trillion yuan. The fund operation is generally stable.

The number of holders of social security cards nationwide has reached 1.343 billion, and electronic social security cards cover 350 million cardholders.

  The work progress mainly includes the following aspects:

  First, the system reform continued to deepen.

Continue to increase the central government adjustment of the pension insurance fund. The adjustment ratio has increased to 4.5%. The total adjustment scale is more than 930 billion yuan, and the inter-provincial adjustment is more than 210 billion yuan. The fund payment work in the first half of the year has been completed.

The national overall planning of endowment insurance has advanced steadily.

  Second, various social security benefits are paid on time and in full.

As of the end of June, all pensions adjusted and increased in 2021 have been paid in place, involving 127 million retirees.

12 provinces have increased the basic pension insurance for urban and rural residents at the provincial level.

Unemployment insurance benefits were 34.6 billion yuan, and temporary price subsidies were 520 million yuan.

  The third is to do a good job of endowment insurance for fishermen who retreat from the Yangtze River and farmers whose land has been expropriated.

The 17.16 million eligible key waters retired fishermen all participated in the basic endowment insurance, and 106,000 retired fishermen were granted pension insurance payment subsidies.

  Fourth, the fund investment operation, supervision, and risk prevention and control work steadily advanced.

As of the end of June, all provinces have started the 2021 basic pension insurance fund entrusted investment work, the entrusted fund scale is 1.25 trillion yuan, and the amount received is 1.09 trillion yuan.

Realize the full-process online handling of the functions of the pension insurance fund investment operation supervision system.

  Fifth, the services of social security management offices have been further optimized.

Relying on the national human resources and social security government service platform, 52 nationwide "one-network" services have been opened, 341 localized characteristic services, and the cumulative number of visits is 1.08 billion.

Continue to promote the construction of a unified national social insurance public service platform.

Continue to carry out the innovation and improvement actions of human and social informatization and convenience services.

Continue to optimize the "aging" service of social security management and continue to smooth the transfer and continuation of social security relations.

  Regarding the next work arrangement for social security, it was introduced at the meeting that the first is to accelerate the national overall planning of basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees, and do a good job in policies, management, supervision, and information systems.

The second is to improve policies and measures.

Research and advance the pilot program of occupational injury insurance for flexible employees on the platform, and actively develop a multi-level and multi-pillar pension insurance system.

The third is to do a solid job in social security fund investment and risk prevention and control, and continue to promote the expansion of the investment and operation scale of pension insurance funds.

The fourth is to further promote the digital transformation of social security management offices and enhance the effectiveness of social security governance.