Mitsubishi Electric, which has been fraudulently inspected for air conditioners for many years, manufactures about 140,000 products using materials that have not obtained the required safety certification, even for electrical control equipment manufactured at a factory in Gifu Prefecture. And revealed that it was shipping.

According to the company, for the electrical control equipment manufactured at the Kaji Plant of Nagoya Works in Gifu Prefecture, although it was originally necessary to use a material that had been certified for safety by a third-party organization in the United States, another material was used. It means that it was manufactured and shipped using it.

An internal investigation revealed that it was manufactured in the eight years to April and about 140,000 were shipped.

So far, there have been no reports of accidents related to this product, and the company has confirmed that there are no safety issues.

It was revealed in May that the factory made products from non-safety certified materials that are also required for other types of electrical control equipment and shipped 2.15 million units.

Regarding Mitsubishi Electric, an inspection of air compressors used for railroad air conditioners and train brakes manufactured at a factory in Nagasaki Prefecture revealed that fraud had been committed for more than 30 years, and an outside lawyer The investigation committee created by the above will conduct a detailed investigation.

The company has decided to investigate the matters revealed this time by the investigation committee.