Honda, an automobile manufacturer, has decided to suspend operations at its main factory in Mie Prefecture for five days in early August due to factors such as insufficient procurement of parts due to a global shortage of semiconductors.

It was shut down in February and May, and the impact is protracted.

According to Honda, the plant will be shut down from August 2nd to 6th at the Suzuka Plant in Mie Prefecture, which produces the "N-BOX" mini vehicle and the "Vezel" SUV = multipurpose sports vehicle.

This is due to the fact that the necessary parts have not been sufficiently procured due to the global shortage of semiconductors.

Suzuka Seisakusho is Honda's main factory that assembles about 500,000 units annually.

However, in February and May, the operation was suspended for several days due to a shortage of semiconductors, and the impact has been prolonged.

Regarding the shortage of semiconductors, Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to suspend the operation of some production lines at its factory in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture from August 2nd to 5th.

In addition, the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection in Southeast Asia could have a further impact on production as automakers shut down some local factories.