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an internet real estate cafe, all documents related to the Gyeonggi-do railway development project were uploaded and then deleted.

Even though sensitive data that could encourage real estate speculation was leaked, Gyeonggi Province said it was a mistake and it was not a big deal.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun covered it.


Suwon citizen A, while looking around a real estate cafe last month, found a document related to the Gwanggyo-Homaesil section of the Shinbundang Line.

It was a document delivered to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the contents discussed by the Gyeonggi-do Railway Policy Division and the Suwon City Urban Transportation Division.

It contains a lot of sensitive development information, including the request to install an additional station, naming specific apartment complexes, asking for an entrance to the apartment complex, and making the development of the station area around a specific station a preset fact.

[A seed / Suwon citizens: railway-related information, "he car you car, always rattling that there is a careful piece such information only stayed'm documents listed dwaeseo are so determined are seen first;

deleted posts Ads of the cafe a few days later Although we lost, there were lots of posts on social media with development prospects based on the document.

At the site, even a banner promoting the station installation was put up as if it had been confirmed.

[Mr A/Citizen of Suwon: Because it is a part that can create such greed that I want to invest... Because even these documents were made public, I can't put into words the disappointment if it doesn't happen.]

Gyeonggi-do said that the data, which was subject to non-disclosure, was accidentally disclosed on an information disclosure portal site and immediately switched to private.

[Gyeonggi Provincial Office: If you make it public, it will automatically be uploaded to the information disclosure site. It's a private subject, but (accidentally) making it public... .] The

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport stated that the exact location and entrance of the station had not been confirmed before the basic plan was announced for the Gwanggyo Homaesil section.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, video editing: Lee Seung-hee, VJ: Jung Min-goo, Park Hyeon-woo)