China News Service, Hangzhou, July 20 (Reporter Huang Hui) "By 2025, the 26-county development zone in the mountainous area will achieve the following goals: the growth rate of fixed asset investment will reach the average growth rate of development zones in Zhejiang Province; Reached 450,000 yuan (RMB, the same below); the industrial added value per mu of regulated industries reached 1.3 million yuan; the growth rate of total imports and exports reached the average growth rate of the development zones in Zhejiang Province; the actual use of foreign capital increased steadily, adding to the local economic development New kinetic energy."

  On the 20th, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and other ten departments formally issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Co-construction and Development of Open Platforms in 26 Counties in Mountainous Areas" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") to put forward the above goals.

  Promoting the joint construction and development of the 26 counties in the mountainous area is an effective measure to realize the high-quality development of the 26 counties in the mountainous area by leaps and bounds. It is also the province’s loyalty to implement the "Eighth and Eighth Strategy", read the "Shanhai Jing" in the new era, and accelerate the development of " An important starting point for the "Common Wealth Demonstration Zone".

  The "Opinions" show that under the basic principles of openness and cooperation, joint construction and sharing; adapting measures to local conditions, green development, government guidance, and market operation, in order to achieve the above goals, Zhejiang will adopt "digital reform" to promote system and mechanism innovation, and promote integration and upgrading. Exploring the "dual-chain long system" of the industrial chain to achieve project co-citation and industry co-construction; exploring "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" in mountainous counties to take the lead in solving the problem and deploy ahead of schedule; promote the storage of industrial projects and strengthen the guarantee of land use indicators ; Increase fiscal and financial support, and explore eight measures including green financial policies.

  For example, in terms of "promoting system and mechanism innovation with'digital reform', and promoting integration and improvement", Zhejiang will promote the open platform of 26 counties in mountainous areas to seize the opportunity of digital reform in Zhejiang Province, and guide the joint construction of parks to focus on comprehensive management, precise investment promotion, and safe production. , Green and environmental protection and other scenarios to create an integrated platform, and at the same time play the leading role of the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone Linkage Innovation Zone in reform and innovation, promote the innovation of the open platform system and mechanism of the 26 counties in the mountainous area, and stimulate their own vitality.

  In addition, the province will, in accordance with the "Zhejiang Development Zones (Parks) List (2021 Edition)", support qualified mountainous counties to create Zhejiang-level economic development zones, and cooperate with relevant Zhejiang-level departments to guide the creation of plans; give priority to supporting cooperation To build advanced provincial-level economic development zones with remarkable results to declare national-level economic and technological development zones; support qualified areas to declare comprehensive bonded zones.

  Zhejiang will also explore the "dual-chain length system" of the industrial chain to achieve co-introduction of projects and co-construction of industries.

Specifically, the province will guide the joint construction of open platforms and enclave parks to formulate industrial joint construction and development plans and investment guidance, explore the "dual-chain long system" pilot for joint construction of the industrial chain; promote the development of the paired parties around the joint construction of industries and characteristic industries Joint investment promotion and upstream and downstream integration of the industrial chain and other activities to promote the implementation of joint construction projects on paired open platforms and enclave parks...

  Regarding the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" goals, Zhejiang will promote it to take the lead in solving problems and make arrangements in advance in mountainous counties.

It is reported that following the concept of green development, Zhejiang will promote the development of environmentally sensitive industries such as digital economy, life and health, electronic components and other environmentally sensitive industries on the open platform of 26 counties in mountainous areas, and guide the open platform of 26 counties in mountainous areas to create a green and low-carbon industrial chain "chain length system" Pilot projects, support the construction of characteristic ecological industry platforms, create beautiful parks, and formulate special plans and investment guides for related industries.