Estimated selling prices for public redevelopment projects that develop old station areas and supply apartments are coming out one by one. Even though it is said to be cheaper than the surrounding market price, most cannot get a mid-payment loan over 1 billion won.

Because of this, it is pointed out that only the rich in cash would be good, but this content was covered by reporter Hyung-woo Jeon.


SH recently disclosed the estimated sale price of Heukseok District 2, a candidate site for public redevelopment, at a resident briefing session.

It costs 42 million won per 3.3 square meters, and the pre-sale price of 59 square meters is 1 billion won and 84 square meters is 1.4 billion won.

Although LH and SH decided to set the sale price at the level of 80-85% of the surrounding market price, the price of public redevelopment also rose due to the large increase in house prices in Seoul.

In the case of Singil District 1, Yeongdeungpo-gu, an 84-square-meter model is worth KRW 1.1 billion, and the same size in Jeonnong District 9 in Dongdaemun-gu is over KRW 1 billion.

Due to the loan regulation, houses over 900 million won cannot get a mid-payment loan, so there are concerns that only the cash-rich will eventually take the general pre-sale volume.

Even in areas where the sale price is set at a level that is not regulated by loans, it is too expensive for the indigenous peoples and it is difficult to raise the price of a house.

[Shinwol District 7 officials: There are a lot of people who are worried about how to raise funds (for sale). Seniors are worried about whether or not loans will come out.]

[Gimseongdal / gyeongsilryeon Real Estate Construction and Reform Office director: This through a strong sale price regulation houses that people could live to be supplied housing prices also dropped would widen my house provided opportunities for people]

to be promoted to help my house arranged by homeless people Supplementary measures need to be prepared so that public redevelopment projects do not become preferential treatment for the rich.

(Video editing: Park Ki-duk)